Guest Guidelines

Savvy Guest Post Guidelines

Thanks for contributing to Savvy B2B! We're glad to have you here and look forward to sharing your expertise with our readers.

Below are our standard style and submission guidelines. If you have any questions, please feel free to email whichever Savvy Sister you've been in touch with or drop a line to


Style & Content Guidelines:

The range of topics covered on Savvy B2B is broad, but -- in general - the most popular posts deal with specific case studies, how-to's, and other actionable types of content. Editorial or essay forms are acceptable, but our readers expect some sort of payoff in the form of concrete advice.

The list of current categories in the right-hand sidebar of the blog will give you a sense of our primary topic areas.


  • Posts cannot be promotional in nature.
  • You will be able to include a link to your Web site or blog in your "byline bio," and you can link back to relevant content on your blog from the body of the post, but the messaging cannot directly promote your services or those of a client.
  • All content must be original, authored by you, and exclusive -- in full form -- to the Savvy B2B blog. Note: You can repurpose ideas and concepts that you have written about in previous posts as long as the actual content is new. You may also post a "teaser" on your blog that references and links back to the full post on Savvy B2B.

Style Guide:

  • Article length: 500 - 700 words
  • Post titles: initial caps, about 60 characters in length
  • Subheads: use of subheads and bulleted lists is encouraged for readability


  • Please do not embed links in your document. Instead, indicate via underlining which text you'd like linked and place the relevant URL in brackets immediately following that text.
  • Please try to name your links accurately. For instance, don't use "click here for information on SEO" (linking "click here"), use "visit SEO Masters for additional information" (with the link on "SEO Masters").
  • We are flexible on the number of links in a post, but please don't go too crazy.


  • Accent image:
  • Each post includes a single "accent" image that will be featured at the top of the post.
  • Image should be relevant to the topic, but can be conceptual vs literal.
  • Format: jpg
  • Size: no larger than 250 x 250
  • Source: please include source information including URL to original
  • Illustrative images:
  • You may include additional images such as charts, graphs, logos, etc
  • Please indicate in your copy deck where you'd like these placed by inserting the image file name in brackets. Ex: [growth_chart.jpg]
  • Format: jpg
  • Size: no larger than 400 pixels wide (if nearly the full width of the content column)
  • Source: please include source information, if applicable, including URL to original



  • If you quote someone, either link to the original source (e.g., "According to David Meerman Scott") or spell out the entire reference as in "According to David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR.
  • Titles of programs, documents, books, etc should be both bolded and italicized.


For guidance on how to pull your post together we strongly suggest you review Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post by Brian Rice at Business2Community.

Submission Guidelines:
When you send your post, please include the following:

  1. Copy for your post - as either a .txt file or a Word document
  2. Links for your post - documented, but not embedded
  3. Accent image
  4. Byline bio up to 60 words (can include links but links must point to a site or resource related to the blog post topic, and not to, for example, a site promoting home loans, background checks, or anything else unrelated)
  5. Optional: your bio picture
  6. Optional: additional illustrative images

Promotion & Reader Interaction:

  • We promote all posts via Twitter and sometimes LinkedIn.
  • Guest bloggers are asked to promote their posts wherever they participate in relevant discussions.
  • Please check the blog intermittently for 48 hours after publication to respond to any comments.

The blog post must be original content and not re-used in its entirety on your blog or other websites. However, you can discuss the post on your blog and point to your post on Savvy B2B.


  1. Send your Savvy B2B contact your topic ideas and an ETA for the finished post.
  2. We will confirm publication date based on the editorial calendar.
  3. Please submit your post content and all corresponding images, etc 5 days before the target publication date.
  4. The Savvy Sisters reserve the right to edit posts for grammar, clarity, voice and relevance and will share any feedback with you.
  5. The publication date might change depending upon any required edits and your ability to turn them around quickly.
  6. On the day of publication we will ping you via email or Twitter when the post is live. Please be available to help promote and participate in any conversation.

Thanks again for your interest in being part of the Savvy B2B community!

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