B2B Resources

We're marketing geeks. Between the six of us, we consume a LOT of content - probably enough to feed an entire herd of elephants (if elephants ate content). Cruise these pages to see which resources we like best. From blogs to ebooks, newsletters to networks; these are the places that help us generate our inspirational ideas and practical strategies.

The Savvy Sisters


Prepare to become addicted. We are. This list includes wise industry pundits and insightful personal friends. Be sure to add them (and us!) to your RSS reader for a daily shot of genius from fellow marketing geeks around the world.

Perfect over the morning cup o' joe, these books are hand-picked to ensure freshness and relevancy. Browse to your heart's content - we're sure you'll find a tasty treat to your liking.

Web Sites
Looking for case studies? Can't find the right mailing list provider? These sites may hold the answers you need. Authoritative voices in their respective niches, these digital publishers are our go-to source for industry news and information.

Newsletters & Magazines
... and, in our spare time we read newsletters and magazines. Seriously, it's a wonder any of us get any actual work done. In case you're still jonesing for more marketing manna, these digital and print publications are a good place to get your fix.

Associations & Networks
Lastly, we love to hang out with other marketing geeks. These organizations provide news, training, support, and even some real-world events. If you're looking for your tribe, this page is a great place to start. Come on by, introduce yourself, and feel free to talk shop all day long.

Do you have or know of a resource that we've overlooked? Send us a note at info@savvyb2bmarketing.com and let us know.

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