5/4/09 Press Release


Jamie Wallace or Heather Rubesch

Savvy B2B Marketing



Innovative B2B Marketing Professionals Create Blog to Dish Out Free Marketing Advice

In a bad economy, marketing efforts don’t have to be expensive to be effective

Boston, MA, May 4, 2009 — Savvy B2B Marketing, an association of freelance marketing professionals, announced today the launch of a blog designed to dispense free marketing strategies and resources to B2B companies. The site, www.savvyb2bmarketing.com, is kept current with daily articles from five freelance marketing professionals with  expertise across a wide range of subjects.

The blog was created as a direct response to the downturn in the economy and the subsequent cutbacks many businesses have made to their marketing budgets. According to Stephanie Tilton, a white paper and case study specialist and founder of Ten Ton Marketing, “the first response for businesses in a recession is to cut costs. But cutting the marketing budget doesn’t mean you have to cut back on marketing efforts. B2B marketers need to refocus and become more savvy about how they create leads with limited resources.”

Heather Rubesch, marketing strategist and founder of idea2paper, added that “the blog will focus on real-world marketing strategies that businesses can put into practice to increase leads right away. We cover everything from Web 2.0 strategies like Twitter and SEO web copy to traditional marketing tools such as white papers and case studies.”

Michele Linn of Linn Communications stressed that “the blog will be conversational, practical and accessible to marketers of all skill levels.” Inaugural posts include such titles as Social Web maven Jamie Wallace’s “How to Rock Your Audience Like Susan Boyle” and “Everything I Need to Know About B2B Marketing I Learned From My Kids” by Wendy Thomas, founder of Wildcat Learning Solutions.

Visitors to the blog can find information on marketing tools and strategies as well as step-by-step guides for implementing them. The blog also features a list of B2B marketing resources and an opportunity for visitors to ask questions and get direct responses from the one of the panelists.

About Savvy B2B Marketing

The Savvy B2B Marketing Blog is moderated by a team of six diverse freelance marketing professionals whose expertise covers a wide range of skills and industries. The blog was created to provide other marketers with inspiration, tools, and strategies for their own projects. We hope that you will leverage our insights and observations in your own marketing efforts, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. www.SavvyB2BMarketing.com.

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