Part 3 of Q&A with Marilou Barsam of TechTarget, A Top B2B Advertising Venue

Part 3 of Q&A with Marilou Barsam of TechTarget, A Top B2B Advertising Venue
Stephanie Tilton - Thu May 21, 2009 @ 12:57AM
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In part 1 of this interview, Marilou Barsam -- Senior Vice President, Client Services and Corporate Marketing for TechTarget -- offered insights into the ways technology marketers can take advantage of TechTarget's offerings. In part 2, she shared details of the services and information that TechTarget delivers to its clients. In this final installment, she explains how marketers can keep pace with best practices and shares pricing for white paper campaigns on TechTarget.

Q. Your latest report found that "During the early stages of their buying process, IT buyers turn to eBooks, emails and editorial articles to help them solve problems." Do you see an opportunity for eBooks to be promoted via TechTarget? TechTarget logo

A. IT buyers are demanding when it comes to getting “expert” and “third-party” objective information. Editorial content and peer opinions always top their lists of what influences their buying decisions. As a result we find that repurposing our independent editor-authored content into eBooks is a very productive exercise for us and our customers. IT buyers will naturally download these resources for their objectivity - whether they are sponsored or not.

Vendors can sponsor our eBooks, and associate themselves with relevant technology-specific topics. The association alone will help their brands and also attract qualified leads. However, they should also offer their own content so that their prospects can get a strong sense of the vendor's grasp of issues and how the company's offering can help address them. If content is focused on the right issues by buying stage, buyers will consume it.

Q. In addition to leveraging the Online Marketing Best Practices resources you offer, how else can B2B marketers keep pace with the latest recommendations?

A. Marketers should check out our My Educated Guess blog and our For Marketers Resource page. They can also attend free webinars, and sign up for bi-annual Online ROI Summits and workshops that aggregate our findings and suggested best practices.

Many of our larger clients subscribe to Strategic Oxygen – a proprietary intelligent search engine and strategic planning tool that helps IT/B2B marketers and ad agencies figure out idiosyncrasies of their target audience. We recently produced a videocast with them. Strategic Oxygen conducts research on IT buying habits and preferences and compiles the information in its “INE” search engine. Subscribers can see which topics, media types, and messages resonate with these audiences. With these insights, marketers can develop a formalized content strategy. This tool is a valuable complement to our offerings.

Q. How many white paper downloads did you deliver in 2008?

A. 1.6 million across our entire network. We expect to deliver 2 million in 2009.

What is the price to deliver a single white paper across your network?

A. The standard package starts around $9,000, which covers three white papers for three months.

Q. What is the price for an integrated white paper campaign?

A. TargetROI – which was one of the first programs in the industry to offer lead guarantees – costs anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000. Vendors can use this to promote anything they choose, whether a white paper, webcast, podcast, or virtual show. When a vendor signs up for this program, we project the number of prospects that will be attracted during the campaign and guarantee the vendor will receive that many leads.

Q. What's the best way for B2B marketers to take advantage of TechTarget’s offerings?

A. Marketers can choose from online, editorial, and event sponsorships, along with opportunities to distribute their own content across our network of more than 60 websites. Today they can reach more than 7.5 million registered members through these venues.

Once marketers explore our sites, they should contact our salespeople. Our sales folks will consult with the marketer to understand the company's marketing goals and then recommend the best options and sites for promotion and visibility.

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Comments: 11


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