Savvy Roadtrip - Case Studies

Savvy Roadtrip - Case Studies
Heather Rubesch - Tue Aug 24, 2010 @ 05:02AM
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RT bugWhen packing for any roadtrip I always accumulate a fairly large "to read" stack for the journey. My favorite thing to do when riding for hundreds of miles is to dig into a good story. Case studies are the good stories of your marketing collateral arsenal. It is your opportunity to take the abstract "benefits" of your product and make it real. Your customers often do a better job of articulating your value to their business than you do so let their voices be heard. Some great tips on how get started are included in the posts below.

Handle with Care: 10 Tips on Interacting with Case Study Customers
You need to make sure that you always treat your customers well, especially when they are working on a case study for you. Here are 10 ideas to help the process go smoothly.

B2B Marketing Case Studies: Is Shorter Better?
Get some ideas on how to format your case studies--and think about how much detail you may want to provide your readers.

Case Study Basics – A Simple Formula for Sales Success
Case Studies are one of the most basic - and most effect ive- in the sales collateral arsenal. How to write one in three easy steps.

What is a Hi-tech Marketing Copy Writer?
Need a case study written for your hi-tech product? Hiring a the right kind of copy writer is a smart move.

B2B Marketers: When NOT to Pursue a Case Study
Sometimes the most critical piece of advice we can give you is what not to do.  This is a must read before you being gathering testimonials for a case study.

What Do Technical Evaluators Get From Your Case Studies?
Not all readers of case studies are looking for the same things.  If your audience is primarily technical solution evaluators this is a must read post.

Comments: 10


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