Savvy Roadtrip - White Papers

Savvy Roadtrip - White Papers
Heather Rubesch - Tue Aug 17, 2010 @ 08:51AM
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Road Trip CarEvery roadtrip begins with a starting point. The Savvy B2B marketing roadtrip began with White Papers. The six Savvy Sisters met when we were all participants at a White Paperseminar. We have often said that our friendship and the subsequent blog was the best thing that came out of that experience. Much like a roadtrip is often more about the journey than the destination!

It should come as no surprise that we have as a group written much collective wisdom about white papers from our journey ever since. Some of the best of that wisdom is below!

8 Ways to Make Key Points in Your White Papers Stand Out
Even though you pore over every word in your white paper, readers are likely going to skim to get ket points. Here’s 8 things to consider when designing your white paper to help readers pick up the key points.

9 Easy Ways to Leverage a White Paper of Special Report
Don’t let that white paper languish on your Web site - there are plenty of ways to breathe new life into your distribution plans.

3 Simple Title Tweaks That Can Help White Paper Marketers Drive More Leads
You have created the perfect white paper. But you can’t drive leads or close sales if your target market doesn’t notice it. Luckily, grabbing your prospect’s attention is as easy as spending some focused energy on your title.

If you write it they will come? Not necessarily
A tight economy means you need more focused marketing efforts. White papers are powerful lead generation tools with an attractive cost-benefit ratio. How to get one written that get results.

Are people really reading more?
Do today’s (and tomorrow’s) execs have the stamina to read your 8-10 page white paper? The answer may surprise you.

White Papers and Case Studies - Two Paths Through the Same Forest
Not sure whether you need a white paper or a case study.  This will help you decide the benefits of each.

Oh the Places Your White Paper Will Go!
Put a White Paper on your website, present it at a trade show, offer as follow up from a webinar and see how you continue to get downloads, questions, etc months and years after the fact.

How Buyer Personas Shape White Papers

There's plenty of talk about the importance of developing buying personas but little guidance on how to put them into play...until now. Read on to find out how to strengthen the impact of your white papers by drawing upon all the effort you've put into understanding who you're trying to reach.


Comments: 10


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