Little Bunny Foo-foo and the art of being specific

Little Bunny Foo-foo and the art of being specific
Wendy Thomas - Wed Aug 11, 2010 @ 06:20AM
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This post comes courtesy of our good friend Kate and is going to take a detour from our regular posts. Little Bunny Foo-foo

In one of our many “sistah” email exchanges, Kate pointed me to a book she thought I'd enjoy. (apparently she thinks I have a somewhat warped sense of humor – can't imagine why).

The book is titled Roman Dirge's Lenore Noogies. You will never find it on the New York Times best sellers list but that is simply their loss.

It's a collection of graphic drawings depicting the adventures of Lenore, a sweet emo-gothic little dead kid. Trust me- it works. After reading this book, I still can not suppress a giggle when thinking of it.

One story in particular (and the reason Kate thought of me) is a retelling of Little Bunny Foo-foo, you know the darling although a little dense bunny who hops through the forest bopping field mice on the head. He's given three chances by the good fairy to stop his behavior and because he doesn't she eventually turns him into a Big Green Goon.

It's one of childhood's first time-honored morality lessons. Do what you're told and you won't get into trouble.

In Lenore's retelling, Little Bunny Foo-foo bops the field mice alerting the good fairy who then tells him she doesn't want him to bop little field mice on the head anymore. Understood.

As time goes by you see Little Bunny Foo-foo picking up armadillos and bopping them on the head.

The good fairy comes down rather exasperated saying “No!”. Even though it isn't a mouse, she meant in her original reprimand that little Bunny Foo-foo shouldn't bop any animals on the head.

"No animals?" Asks Little Bunny.

The next drawing is a picture of the clearly and fatally bopped good fairy with the moral: Be more specific.

Not only is this story, ingenious, creative, and (let's face it) literally laugh-out-loud funny (at least to those of us with morbid senses of humor), it speaks to an eternal truth that is relevant as much to childhood as it is to marketing:

Being specific with your words might just mean the difference between connecting with your audience and getting something accomplished or ultimately getting bopped on the head by someone who didn't truly understand what you were saying.


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Comments: 10


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