Savvy Week in Review, May 15

Savvy Week in Review, May 15
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri May 15, 2009 @ 07:10AM
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Here it is -- our suggestions for thought-provoking blog posts you should check out. Enjoy. And happy Friday!

The Savvy Sisters

How to Turn a Trade Show Speech Into a Podcast That Becomes a Lead Machine
Read how a software company turned a client's speech at a trade show into an educational podcast, used it in a lead generation campaign, and attracted millions of dollars in new business.

Reaching the IT buyer: Sales & Marketing Forum sneak preview

Interview with Chris Cottam, [formerly European Marketing Manager, HP], discussing his views on the IT buyer, how to reach them, and how the downturn is changing their behavior.

A Product Marketing Case Study: Rypple

Imparts great insights and valuable lessons for product marketers at startups

Advertising is the Price of Being Boring

Andy Sernovitz highlights the difference between earning word of mouth and paying through the nose for advertising. Great video of Geek Squad's CEO, Robert Stephens, presenting on the same topic - lots to think about.

Shut the Hell Up You Self-promoting Turd

Chris Brogan tells it like it is ... again. A brief manifesto on how to walk the walk instead of just talking about yourself.

The Fight for Content - The New Custom Publishers

In his new blog, Joe Pulizzi outlines the people who are driving the need for custom content.

How to Write Copy for Short Attention Spans

Sherice Jacob at Copyblogger gives some great tips on rethinking the way you are presenting your message on the web.

As Storefronts Become Vacant, Ads Arrive

Talks about how empty storefronts are the new "billboards" in the down
economy. Everything from Intel to new movie releases are buying up high
foot traffic store front windows for custom ad messages.


Comments: 11


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