Savvy Week in Review - July 30

Savvy Week in Review - July 30
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Jul 30, 2010 @ 02:35AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewZoooommm! That's the sound of July speeding by. Hopefully you are staying cool and enjoying the simple pleasures of summer (if it's summer where you live!). Lots of great posts from around the blogosphere this week - enjoy while sitting by the pool or sipping a fun beverage.

Happy Friday!

The Savvy Sisters

Starbucks Digital Social Strategy (video) - by Willis Wee via @PennOlson
Starbucks may not be a B2B brand, but there are still some philosophical and tactical takeaways from this presentation by Brooke Wheeler, director of Starbuck's social strategy.

How I Use LinkedIn for Content Intelligence - by @ConversationAge
Great tips on maximizing your LinkedIn time from Valeria Maltoni including a video that outlines all the groups features you need to know about to get the most out of your networking.

How to Create an Email Newsletter from Your Blog - by @bmassey on @junta42
According to Hubspot research, 12 times as many people subscribe via email as via RSS. If you're not reaching out via Email, you're missing the boat. Here's an easy and efficient way to do it.

True Confession - I Don't Have a Social Media Strategy - by @Diannahuff
Tired and confused by all the fancy-schmancy strategy charts, graphs, and spreadsheets? Dianna Huff offers a refreshing way to tackle the social scene, "Strategy, when it comes to social media, is overrated."

Online Marketing Research: Get your free digital copy of the Q2 2010 MarketingExperiments Quarterly Research Journal - by @mktgexperiments

Ok - we haven't read this cover to cover (yet), but just the table of contents has got us thinking. Comprehensive report covering integration, optimization, and other equally titillating topics.

Startup Messaging - by @aprildunford
April shares her presentation from democamp. Love the straight-forward, yet critical insights about what goes into messaging ... and what shouldn't. Excellent reality check!

Twitter Irrelevant? No, Advertising Age Blew It - by @markwschaefer
While dissembling Advertising Age's recent article claiming the irrelevance of Twitter to businesses, Mark makes soms great observations about what's working in 140-character world. And, believe us, stuff IS working!

Comments: 11


1. Brian Massey  |  my website   |   Tue Aug 24, 2010 @ 03:47PM

Thanks for including my column on turning a blog into a newsletter. It was a good week in general.

Brian Massey

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