Savvy Week in Review - July 23

Savvy Week in Review - July 23
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Jul 23, 2010 @ 04:11AM
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I don't know about you, but I'm definitely feeling like we're past the halfway mark in the summer season. Catalogs full of school clothes, backpacks, and organizers are already jamming up my mailbox. Before we know it, the new batch of bus drivers will be out practicing their routes to and from the local schools.

Here at Savvy B2B, school is never out of session. No matter the time of year, we've always got our noses buried in all the best blog posts. This week's selection includes everything from email marketing genius to landing page do's and dont's to twitter chat tips and micro goal setting.

Enjoy & don't worry - there won't be a pop quiz.




5 Tips on Twitter Chats Plus 8 Marketing & PR Chats to Follow - by @leeodden via @toprank
Are you looking to start your own Twitter chat? Here are some good suggestions by Lee Odden (and ideas of chats you may want to join).

Lose the B2B Website Laundry Lists! - by @ardath421
What a great reminder by Ardath Albee - avoid the endless, scrolling lists of links to stuff that make your website visitors' eyes glaze over!

What a Swedish Heat Wave Can Teach You about Marketing Perspective - by @useglobalreach
Not only is this post from Ann-Christin Lindstedt an interesting look into Scandinavian summer, but it's also a good reminder to think about the perspective of your audience.

5 Steps to Winning Fans with Content Strategy - by @MikeCorak via @jaybaer
A great post from Mike Corak about how to make your content more relevant.

Top 10 Tips for Creative Blog Writing - by @patsiblogsquad
Feeling a case of writer's block? Check out these quick ideas from Patsi Krakoff (good for any kind of writing).

Understanding and Establishing Micro Goals for Your Social Media Campaigns - by @JenniferLaycock via @SEGuide
Want to know how to break your social goals into bite-sized (and therefore more reaslitically implemented) goals? This post will get you headed in the right direction.

30 Social Media Business Case Studies - by Willis Wee on @PennOlson
There's nothing like learning by example and this post is crammed with 30 tasty examples of brands (from JetBlue to Starbucks) using Social to make waves. The list also includes some Social disasters. The examples may not be purely B2B, but if you get creative, you'll find ways to apply the learnings.

Web Page Optimization: Consider this Post the Help Desk for Free Trial Landing Pages - by Gina Townsend on @MktgExperiments
As writers, we can tell you that a good critique can be invaluable to improving your work. In this post, Gina points out the do's and dont's of a landing page targeted at IT management and help desk providers.

How to Structure a B2B Argument - by @dougkessler
The touchy-feely stuff of consumer marketing does not a good B2B argument make. In this post, Doug breaks it down for you so you can easily see how to convince using airtight persuasion methods.

5 Email Marketing Thought Leaders - by @jepc via @ConnectdMarkter
In this email wrap-up, Jep Castelein lists his top 5 picks for email marketing genius along with a quick archive of his recent series on the topic. Nice one-stop shopping for some solid info on what to do with email.

The Evolving B2B Marketing Budget - What Are You Really Paying For? - by @basebot
John Bottom gets to the bottom line - the budget - and gives us a great perspective on the changing B2B budget - from the advertising era to today.


Comments: 13


1. Doug Kessler  |  my website   |   Mon Jul 26, 2010 @ 10:48PM

Nice one and thanks again for this useful review -- saves me a lot of time!
I particularly liked John Bottom's analysis of how B2B budgets have changed.
(And thanks for linking to our article on structuring an argument).

2. Jamie Wallace  |  my website   |   Wed Jul 28, 2010 @ 07:48AM

@Doug - Always happy to save some time! Loved your post - foundational basics that often get overlooked in the blinding sparkle of bright, shiny object. ;)

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