Savvy Week in Review - June 25

Savvy Week in Review - June 25
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Jun 25, 2010 @ 12:38AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewHappy Friday, everyone! Hope you are enjoying some time in the sun, but when you have a few minutes, there is a lot of great reading around the blogospere. Enjoy!The Savvy Sisters

A Fascinating Hardcore B2B Social Media Success - by @markwschaefer
You can't get much more B2B than ShipServ - a global software company focused on solutions for the shipping industry. This case study about their use of social media AND the results of the campaign is very informative. Go forth and be social, B2B!

Insight and Action - by @thebrandbuilder
A few words on inspiring passion in your customers by anticipating their wants and needs. Brief, but - yes - insightful and thought-provoking.

Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Brand (Step-by-Step How To) - by @johnsondirect
Detailed instruction on creating, launching, measuring, and optimizing Facebook ads. If you've got an audience on Facebook, this is a tactic you may want to explore - super targeted and, from what I hear, still a great deal.

Get Visual - Advice on Illustrating Your Content - by @newtbarrett
Sometimes, a picture really IS worth a thousand words. This post includes a couple great examples of infographics that present complex information in an extremely easy-to-read way.

When B2B Marketing is Person-to-Person, It Can Change the World - by @billymitchell1 via @B2BLaunchPad
Billy Mitchell of MLT Creative blogs about how his agency got hooked up with the Storyville coffee company to support and promote a live music event that support human rights. Applicable lessons in approaching potential B2B business partners, and - more importantly - a great message about a great cause. Kudos to the MLT team.

Be a Good Storyteller - Be a Better Copywriter - by @wellfedwriter
This is an older post, but worth a read. Using the elements of story to make marketing copy more compelling is not news, but Peter Bowerman does a great job of "selling" you on stories and provides an excellent example as well. More good stuff in the comments.

The Biggest B2B Marketing Mistake and What It Means to Social Media by @lizstrauss
Liz Strauss sounds a big wake-up call for B2B marketers -- if you're not paying attention to your customers' customers, you're missing the boat.

5 Steps for Selling to B2B Customer 2.0 by @umbertom via @SMB2B
Umberto Milletti lays out the steps that B2B sales folks must adopt to engage with today's prospects.

Think and Act Like Your Customers - by @sda222 via @HarvardBiz
This quick article reminds us "thinking like the customer" may actually mean using competitive products - but this can lead to great insights.

20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks - by @JonMorrow via @copyblogger
A great post from Copyblogger with 20 tests that challenges us to think about if our writing is really hitting the mark.

Content Marketing: Definitions of Curation & Context - via @toprank
If you have been t hinking about content curation, check out this post in which industry leaders weigh into the online marketing program mix.

Comments: 18


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