Savvy Week in Review: April 16

Savvy Week in Review: April 16
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Apr 16, 2010 @ 03:47AM
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Whoosh! WHAM!

Know what that was? It was the sound of the week flying past and slamming head first into the weekend. Can you believe it's Friday already? We can't, but here we are anyway.

Happily - Friday's are about sharing all the great blog posts we read over the week ... well, not all of them ... that would take FORever; but here are a few choice bits to keep you up-to-date and inspired.

Enjoy & have a great weekend!



The Really Big SEO Checklist, hold the B.S. - by @portentint
If you love checklists like we do, this one out from Ian Lurie is one to bookmark. It's filled with useful tips for SEO and content marketing.

Filter or Be Flooded: Do You Need a Content Strategist? - by @magnify via @fastcompany
This article from Fast Company is a great overview of the trends in content strategy, which is much more than simply writing great content.

When a Stranger Reads Your Blog - by Seth Godin
This quick post from Seth Godin is a great reminder: you never know what someone's first impression of you (or your organization) will be, so you need to make every interaction count.

5 Common Content Marketing Challenges -- And Simple Solutions - by @rickburnes via @hubspot
Are you struggling with content marketing? Read on to get some ideas on how to overcome the biggest challenges.

Media Relations is not Public Relations - by @dmscott
David Meerman Scott discusses how social media is effecting PR and why PR is still relevant in our world.

Broad Reach + Intelligent Lead Nurturing = Increased Revenue - by Barbra Gago of @ConnectedMarketer
Great recap of key takeaways from a panel discussion including Ardath Albee, Andrew Gaffney, Brian Carroll and Scott Mersey.

Be a Good Storyteller, Be a Better Copywriter - by @wellfedwriter
We all get a little gushy about Peter Bowerman here at Savvy. He's such a ncie guy, and always willing to lend a hand. This post provides some great examples of what we mean when we encourage brands to tell stories ... no matter what kind of material you're writing.

Why a Macbook Pro Became my #1 Productivity Tool - by @diannahuff
Ok, I'm totally lusting after a MacBook, so I have personal reasons why I enjoyed this post. However, Dianna's great list of productivity tools is a great resource even for people who don't love the Mac.

A Powerful Story - Simple, But Not Simplistic - by @markwschaefer
The Girl Effect is a growing movement that deserves all the attention it can get. Thanks to Mark for featuring their fabulous video on {grow} as an example of excellence in storytelling through words in motion.

7 Steps to Executing a Pilot Project - by @ambercadabra
Brass tacks info on how to make something happen by incorporating a "learning phase" into the execution.

Comments: 10


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