Savvy Week in Review - April 2

Savvy Week in Review - April 2
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Apr 02, 2010 @ 06:42AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewAs we look back on our first Savvy year, one of the things we're most nostalgic about--and grateful for--is all of the wonderful people we have met in the B2B community. These are the posts that inspired us this week, but as you have seen from our wraps up every week, we're learning something from you. Thanks for sharing your ideas and being part of Savvy B2B!

~ The Savvy Sisters

Redefining Viral Marketing - by @briansolis
This post from Brian Solis really made me think about why ideas spread. I also liked the list at the end with 10 points that are important for making your content "go viral."

Feeding the Content Marketing Dragon - by @galendy via @sengineland
A fun yet relevant post from Galen DeYoung about keys to great content marketing.

Three B2B Value-Proposition Rules That Create Preference, Not Just Parity - via @MarketingProfs
If you are creating your company's value proposition, this article is a "must read." It breaks down why value propositions are failing in the eyes of your prospects (and 86% of them are) and what you can do about it.

10 Reasons Your Competitor Has Double Your Blog Subscribers - by @lisabarone via @smallbiztrends
Lisa Barone offers 10 tips for increasing your subscribers. A great read for anyone who has a blog!

The silent majority: Why people don't comment on your blog - by @markwschaefer
Ever feel discouraged because you aren't getting comments on your B2B blog? Mark Schaefer provides some insights why this is the case, And, take comfort, as Mark explains, the number of comments may not be the best measure of engagement.

How to get others to blog - by @ckochster
Chris Koch of ITSMA offers practical steps you can take to get subject matter experts engaged in creating content for your B2B blog.

Master narratives and framing the debate with B2B marketing - by @robleavitt
Rob Leavitt explains why a a fragmented collection of disconnected articles, white papers, videos, blogs, and other content does not equal thought leadership.

Adjusting to the Web-Influenced Buy Cycle by @MktgMavens via @chief_marketer
The chief sales and marketing officer of GlobalSpec, Inc. shares insights from a survey her company conducted into the B2B buy cycle.

Why Opt Out is Not a B2B Marketing Strategy - by @ardath421
Ardath Albee argues against the idea of opt out as a marketing practice -- and gets a good discussion going.

Comments: 11


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