The team that blogs together …

The team that blogs together …
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Thu Apr 01, 2010 @ 04:39AM
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Today the Savvy Sisters celebrate a milestone:  our blog turns one. Happy “birthday” to us! It’s hard to believe it’s already been twelve months since we originally concocted the idea to launch a collaborative blog. It has been an educational and fun journey with more fringe benefits that we expected.

Before we share some of those benefits, let's make sure we’re all talking the same language: a  collaborative blog is one that is written and published by more than one author. Many brands take a collaborative approach to their corporate blogs, engaging multiple, internal resources to create content. In the case of Savvy B2B Marketing, we are actually six independent writers and marketers who decided to pool our talents, experience, and available time to publish a blog about B2B marketing.

Now on to the many benefits of blogging with a group:

·        Shared workload: Though each member of the team typically posts once every one or two weeks, the blog maintains a consistent presence with daily posts each weekday. This also means that when life happens, the blog keeps running. We’ve always got each other’s backs.

·        Shared skills: Between us, we have a broad range of experience and skills. From design and marketing to blogging, project management to technical know-how, we managed to handle all aspects of developing and launching a blog “in-house,” which meant we didn’t have to pay for many services.

·        Better brainstorming: Six heads are better than one. Working with a team, we’re able to quickly get a large number of great ideas on the table – whether we’re working on something for the blog or helping one team member out on an individual project.

·        Effortless Variety: From a content perspective, we don’t ever worry about getting stuck in a rut topic-wise, or opinion-wise. We may all work in “marketing and content creation,” but we are each inspired to write about different ideas from different angles. We’re a little like a pot luck – each of us bringing different dishes to the party.

·        Increased Visibility: Sometimes exposure is simply a matter of the numbers. With six of us sharing blog posts on twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks, our posts get a little extra air time.

·        Complementary branding: Some of the team members haven’t managed to get their own sites up and running just yet. Being able to direct potential clients to the Savvy B2B Marketing blog is a great stop gap that gives prospects a taste of our expertise and our personality.

·        Professional sounding board: Though each of us runs her own business, we often bounce ideas off each other. Each of us has learned from the others, often avoiding a painful learning experience because one of the other Savvy Sisters had already run the gauntlet.

·        Camaraderie: Last, but far from least, as independent contractors, our work lives can become a little isolated. We’re not becoming crazy cat ladies or anything (well, Wendy might be a crazy chicken lady…); but it’s always good to have some company once in a while. Over the past year, we’ve become friends who share way more than a byline. Our email conversations are as often about kids, housework, politics, and personal goals as they are about the editorial calendar. Best of all, because this is a voluntary gig, the atmosphere is very relaxed and easy-going. We’ve had a great “team spirit” from day one and are always ready with a smile and a good sense of humor.

That’s a snapshot of just some of the ways we've benefited from the journey of the last twelve months.  We look forward to sharing additional benefits and lessons learned throughout the month of April.  We could write much more, but we’ve already exceeded the word count defined in our Savvy Style Guide by 200 words, so it’s just about time to call it a day. Stay tuned for more posts in this series or search under the tag “Savvy Lessons”.

One last shout out before we go – a huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has visited Savvy B2B Marketing over the past year. Extra hugs to those who made time to leave a comment, engage in conversation, and get to know us. Apart from the friendships we’ve developed between the six of us, the very best fringe benefit of being part of the Savvy B2B team has been the opportunity to meet (and work with) some outstanding human beings whom we may have never met if it weren’t for our involvement with this blog. Here’s to you – you know who you are – and here’s to many more years to come.


Comments: 13


1. Elja Daae  |  my website   |   Thu Apr 01, 2010 @ 04:04PM

Congratulations on your first birthday! "Lang zullen ze leven, lang zullen ze leven..." (just sang you a little Dutch Birthday song). Love your blog (and tweets). And what a great idea - collaborative blogging. I'm going to try it. Thanks for the great content, and please keep it up!

2. Adam Needles  |  my website   |   Fri Apr 02, 2010 @ 03:47AM

Congrats, gals!

Really appreciate the degree to which your team has been paying it forward on #B2B marketing insights over the past year.

Here's to many more.


3. Patty Reagin  |  my website   |   Mon Apr 05, 2010 @ 05:14AM

Congrats guys! I remember when you started it all up - you've come a long way in a year. Here's to many more successful ones to come. :-)

4. Jamie Wallace  |  my website   |   Fri Apr 09, 2010 @ 06:16AM

Thanks, guys. We're having SO much fun, learning tons, and making lots of new friends. Happy to count you among them & looking forward to continuing the conversation for a long time to come.

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