Savvy Week in Review - March 19th

Savvy Week in Review - March 19th
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Mar 19, 2010 @ 02:31AM
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Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and - boy! - are we ever ready.

Like the crocuses bursting up through the ground, our fellow marketers are a-bloom with great ideas, commentary, and conversations. This week's wrap-up includes finding the right people on twitter, raising customer intimacy (racy!), and improving your business blogging skills by partying (no, really!).

TGIF & enjoy the great reads.

See you next week!




Social Media and Thought Leadership: The Virtuous Circle for B2B Marketing - by @robleavitt
Rob points out that B2B marketers are taking a dangerously limited view of the intersection of thought leadership and social media.

Marketing Content Must Reach Beyond Two-Way Dialogue - by @ardath421 via @sysconmedia
Ardath Albee explains why B2B content needs to work overtime to address the needs of all involved in today's complex buying process.

Social Media Raises the Bar for Customer Intimacy - by @ckochster
Chris Koch suggests that the marriage of content and social media can take interactions with B2B prospects and customers to a new level.

The Surprising Old-School Secret to Blogging Success - by @soniasimone on @copyblogger
This tongue-in-cheek post counsels bloggers to dabble in some unplugged communication tactics like conversation (the real, 1.0 kind!) and parties. That's advice I like to hear!

A 3-minute Lesson in Traditional Versus Social Brand Marketing - by @markwschaefer
We love Mark W. Schaefer's blog {grow} for it's insightful commentary and scintillating reader conversations (I love an excuse to use the word "scintillating"), but this post is partly just for fun. It features a great little agency promo that trys to cleverly illustrate the differences between the "good, ol' days" and the Web 2.0/3.0 that we're living in now.

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of the New B2B Buyer - by @ConnectMarketer
The number of B2B buyers using social media to help them make a purchase decision is on the rise. Great report & data.

The Brand Dashboard - a Window to Relevance - by @briansolis
Brian Solis highlights some free social media listening tools and how you can use them to business advantage.

SXSW - Austin: The Heart of the Content Revolution - by @magnify via @huffingtonpost
Of course we've been reading a lot about SXSW this week. I especially liked this post from Steve Rosenbaum about the importance of content strategy.

How to Find the Right People on Twitter - by @mattmcgee via @sengineland
Are you looking for new people to connect with on Twitter? This post from Search Engine Land provides lots of great tools and sites.

Comments: 11


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