Savvy Week in Review - March 5

Savvy Week in Review - March 5
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Thu Mar 04, 2010 @ 10:40PM
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The Savvy Wrap Up is a compilation of all of our favorite posts. Posting this week took longer than expected because I stopped to read so many gems. Hope you are inspired as much as we are by these great posts.Savvy Week in Review

~ The Savvy Sisters

Content Strategy: Secret to Writing for Buyers Consideration Phase - by @conversationage
Valeria Maltoni explains why your online presence needs to integrate three important components: editorial impact, community building, and calls to action.

Planning a Content Development Strategy - by @marketing_jive
Jody of Marketing Jive walks us through the seven stages of developing content for the Web.

Deep Searches and Content Proliferation - by @stevewoods
Steve Woods, author of Digital Body Language and CTO of Eloqua, explains how prospective buyers are using longer search terms -- and the implications for marketers.

Books for Content Strategists, Writers, and People Passionate About Content - by @Shelbow
I love reading, so I was happy to see this great list of content marketing books by Shelly Bowen. Do you have any to add?

Do Websites Even Matter Anymore - by @markwschaefer
There is a great discussion going on at Mark Schaefer's blog about the importance of a blog vs a website.

A Glimpse Inside The Mind of the New B2B Buyer - by @genius_com
This post provides some fantastic insights and stats about the B2B buyer.

Keyword Research: Beyond the Ordinary - by @lisabarone
Intrepid live event reporter Lisa Barone takes copious notes from the Keyword Research session at Search Marketing Expo West. Read the post for tips and tricks from 5 keyword research pros.

The Strategy Trap: Why focusing too much on strategy could be killing your ability to execute - by @thebrandbuilder
Olivier Blanchard reports from the LikeMinds conference in the UK and delivers some intriguingly simple insights about how to leverage social media from the bottom-up, focusing on the customer experience rather than dozens of strategic PowerPoint decks.

The Mr. Rogers Guide to Blogging From the Heart - by @workhappynow via @copyblogger
Ok, maybe I'm just a little nostalgic (and showing my age), but I loved this Copyblogger guest post from Karl Staib. That Mr. Rogers would have been a killer marketer if he wasn't always so busy inspiring little kids to be good neighbors.

5 Stories That Make Complex Issues Compelling - by @Upbeatnow on Lateral Action
Five great examples of how video and storytelling can be used together to break complex ideas down into easy to understand presentations.

The Cliche and the Copywriter - by Lucy Longhurst on @VelocityTweets
Oh, snap! The team at Velocity refers readers to a great site that documents "b2b's most notorious creative faux pas." The site is a list of 101 business cliches including the lightbulb, roadmap, puzzle piece, handshake, and crystal ball.

Comments: 9


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