Savvy Year End Review – Social Media

Savvy Year End Review – Social Media
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Tue Dec 29, 2009 @ 07:36AM
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Tweet bird chairThis week we will be featuring some Best of Savvy Posts related with our most popular topics from 2009.  If you joined our readership later in the year it is a great way to catch up on some old posts or do a deep dive in a particular topic.

No topic got more buzz on our blog and others in 2009 than Social Media.  We had 71 posts tagged with the Social Media topic.  Whether you are a Social Media guru or one of the legions of people putting “get Twitter account” on your 2010 resolutions list, we think you will benefit from the perspective in these posts.

Social Media – the Singles Bar for Business  by Jamie Wallace

Twitter Do's - I Don't Care If You Feel Lousy Before You've Had Coffee by Wendy Thomas

Beyond Google: How to Find Your Prospects Online (Part 1 and Part 2) by Michele Linn

If You’re Not Doing This with Twitter Already You Should Be by Kate Headen

How Web 2.0 Impacts B2B Marketing: An Interview with C. Edward Brice of Lumension by Stephanie Tilton

Are we making money yet? – a lesson in Social Media ROI by Heather Rubesch

Social Media Reality Check: There’s No Such Thing as an Overnight Sensation by Jamie Wallace

Breaking the code on Twitter for business by Mark Schaefer

Social Marketing FAIL - How not to use Twitter by Kate Headen


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Comments: 19


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