Savvy Week in Review - December 11

Savvy Week in Review - December 11
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Thu Dec 10, 2009 @ 11:28PM
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Savvy Week in ReviewEven though the holidays are right around the corner, things have slowed down! We have a lot of favorite picks for you this week. Get warm, and enjoy!

--The Savvy Sisters

5 Must-Read Tips for B2B Search Marketing via @toprankMichelle Bowles shares tips to help B2B companies maximize the results of their Web efforts.

The Danger of an Either/Or B2B Marketing and Sales Mindset by @abneedles
Adam Needles of Silverpop explains why the B2B buyer process takes precedence over issues such as sales/marketing alignment and inbound vs outbound marketing.

Google Will Force All B2B Companies To Tweet by @KBodnar32
Kipp Bodnar explains why it's less important for B2B companies to appear first in traditional Google search results -- and increasing vital that they engage in social media.

The Content Gap - Lead Nurturing and Content Creation - by @stevewoods
Steve Woods of Eloqua pinpoints a critical trouble spot in the typical B2B content library.

Why Marketers Need a Publishing Process
by @ckochster
Pair this one up with Steve Wood's post. Chris Koch of ITSMA explains the process marketers need to adopt to fill the content pipeline.

Social Media - It's Time to Get Boring
- by @jackiehuba
Jackie Huba predicts that in 2010, social media will become just another cog in the process-driven marketing machine. Check out her fun "what's in and what's out" list.

SciFi or Social Media? - Two for one by @markwschaefer
The {grow} blog served up two conversations that gave readers a chance to muse on the potentially frightening future of social media. Check out This is the Future of Social Media and the follow-up post - Falling in Love with Skynet - for some interesting ideas on what may be in store for us as social technology matures.

When Hope Should Factor Into Your Marketing
- by Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz
She's nothing like a typical marketing blogger, but Naomi definitely has a way with words ... including the four-letter kind. Her post Crushed Hopes and Spicy Chicken - How to Love Your Customers is a cross between a slap in the face and a heartfelt hug. Take a few minutes and give it a read - you might just have an epiphany. Oh - and if you have anyone on your holiday list who might like some unique and beautiful art or jewelry, check out Naomi's gift-giving guide.

4 Social Media Ideas for the Reluctantly Social Brand
- by @rohitbhargava
Still not wanting to dive into the social scene? Here are four easy and pain-free ways to get your toes wet.

Comments: 13


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