5 Ways to Repackage Your Best B2B Content

5 Ways to Repackage Your Best B2B Content
Michele Linn - Tue Dec 08, 2009 @ 11:38PM
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PackageI think about B2B marketing at the strangest times. Yesterday, it crossed my mind while eating lunch. The night before, I made some Asian-inspired pork tenderloin, which was good, but it was even better in the sandwich wrap I concocted with some miscellaneous ingredients in the fridge.

What does this have to do with B2B marketing? You probably have a lot of great content out there that you like, and, with a few changes, you have a fantastic -- and somewhat quick and easy--opportunity to make your standout content even better by putting a new spin on it and repackaging it.

You may think that your readers don't want to see info re-hashed, but I think there can be a lot of value in presenting your content in a new way:

  • Often, your readers don't get a chance to read everything, so they appreciate it when you put it together in one place. And, you have new readers who may have missed your best stuff.
  • You can incorporate feedback you received from the initial content to make the new piece stronger (giving credit, of course).
  • Readers like different formats, so you'll attract more attention by presenting your info in different ways.
  • As you re-work your content to fit into a new format, you often will get new insights into the topic.

I like to ask myself, "Will repackaging this content help readers understand? Will it make their job easier?" If so, go for it. Here are a few ideas to consider.

If you have a lot of content scattered in blog posts, presentations, articles and such, consider repackaging it as an eBook. As one example, Amber Nashland of Radian 6 just created an eBook on social media time management based on a series of blog posts and a presentation she gave at BlogWorld Expo.

Many readers like to skim, so Slideshare is a great way to disseminate key information. This format works well for a lot of content; but here are a few thought starters:

  • Tell a story: I haven't seen this info in other places, but love this Slideshare from Ardath Albee on getting to know your B2B prospects. There's something very engaging with the way she tells this story.
  • Highlight a list: If you have five or ten ideas on how to do something, you can easily transform that into a Slideshare.
  • Share quotes from experts: Ambal Balakrishnan routinely features B2B bloggers and experts in her blog ClickDocuments. I like how she creates Slideshares that highlight the key points of her posts. Here's one example that I especially like: Tips on how B2B marketers should do content marketing. This is a great format for highlighting customer quotes or industry trends.

Everything-in-one PDF
In her blog B2B Marketing Smarts, Susan Fantle provided a great suggestion for providing a reader with the key points from your website in a single PDF doc. She points to a 5-page PDF created by Delivra that readers can save, share or print. I thought this was a great idea not only because it is something that can be passed along but also because it is something that helps you distill the most important information from your site. If you have multiple audiences, I would create a document for each.

Create an email series
If you have a lot of content on one topic, you may want to develop an email series that provides the information in a way that tells a story. I wrote a post few weeks back tells you how to do this.

I also mentioned this in another post a few months back, but use (or create) the FAQ section of your website to point to your most important content. While you may think it is silly to talk about content you have on your website already, chances are all users won't take the time to find it. When I create FAQ sections for clients, I review their websites thoroughly to develop questions, providing a brief answer and linking to more info on their websites. It's relatively simple to do, and I get grat feedback.

What other ideas do you have?

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Comments: 70


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