Making allies of your enemies - Kona DataSearch

Making allies of your enemies - Kona DataSearch
Wendy Thomas - Mon Jun 10, 2013 @ 07:52AM
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Innovation. We all know it’s important for business growth but how do we get to it? Where does it come from and how do we grab that elusive minx?  

In a recent TED Talk Martin Villeneuve explained the process and solutions he used to make his long-held dream of creating a science-fiction movie based on his vision of the future come to pass. He explained how passion in his group led to people coming up with answers.

Villeneuve explained how, if a person couldn’t be there for the movie, well then they created a hologram of him. How futuristic instruments not yet made were cleverly pre-sold to an investor  “because he thought  it was such a good idea.”  In essence Villeneuve worked with what he had to create something better. Much better.

“See problems as allies and not enemies and life will begin to dance with you,” he told his audience.

See problems as allies. It’s this type of attitude that I see all the time in successful groundbreaking companies. It’s this sense of dance that makes one get noticed.

Recently I was asked to take a look at Kona DataSearch’s Salesforce app add-on. What could possibly be so exciting about that, I thought to myself as I watched the demo.  I mean, seriously – it’s a search of data. Its goal is to help sales people better find their key sales content.

Yawn, right?

But then I was surprised. Kona describes its application as: KonaSearch™ provides a single, universal search application within Salesforce® that searches all Salesforce data along with content from external sources including Box, SharePoint® and Google Drive™.

What Kona did was take on a well-established platform and made it better. By increasing the search speed, organizing by relevance, adding additions like phonetic look-ups (“Jeff” will result in “Jeffs” as well as “Geoffs” ), and adding lookups based on “concepts.” They managed to create something that enhances what is already there.  Simply put, Kona’s search is bigger, stronger, and faster.

And a better idea on top of an existing idea is something that gets my attention.  That, right there, is the cooling breeze of innovation in action.

Kona made allies of their enemies. It’s a perfect example of working with an existing idea to make it better. By then layering their product on Salesforce’s platform, Kona created a combined voice that speaks far louder than any individual sound ever could.

Let’s be honest, is there anything earth-changing about a sales database? I’m thinking not. But is there something intrinsically exciting about one company’s effort to make allies of its enemies in an effort to dance with life?

You betcha there is, now and always.



Wendy Thomas is a writer, journalist, and blogger on subjects ranging from social networking and e-marketing to owning backyard chickens. She spent more than 20 years as a technical writer and has taught classes in technical writing and instructional design both at the graduate and undergraduate level. Through her business; Jackson and Thomas e-Writing, her work with, and as a Savvy Sister at, she regularly consults with companies advising on best practices to use when trying to effectively get their brand and platform recognized on the Internet.
Wendy has been a guest speaker, a columnist, and has been published in regional and national newspapers and magazines, as well as on many blogs. You can contact Wendy at


Comments: 745


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