Week in Review: April 26

Week in Review: April 26
Savvy Sisters - Fri Apr 26, 2013 @ 04:15AM
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April is flying by! But we've managed to catch some real gems in our nets this week from around the blogosphere. Here's hoping Savvy Week in Reviewthey reinvigorate you as much as the new life springing up all around us!


The Savvy Sister

For Brands, Small Is The Next Big Thing by @davidbrier via @FastCompany

This is an interesting concept that has some relevance for B2B (especially software) businesses. 

19 Warning Signs Your Infographic Stinks by @neomammalian via @KISSmetrics

Please, please don't publish stinky infographics. 

Write drunk; edit sober. How to blog like you mean it by our own @suddenlyjamie

Being "authentic" and "honest" is not territory reserved only for solopreneurs and artistic types. There's a lot to be said for putting your B2B out there in a "real" way, especially since so few B2B companies have the courage to make the leap.

10 Things That Work Better Than SEO In The Connection Economy by @bernadettejiwa

It's not always about technology, widgets, or workflows.

What You Should Know About Branding When Digital Marketing  [podcast] @jonbuscall hosts @craigmcbreen

Back up on the branding soapbox and well worth the listen.



Comments: 364


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