Week in Review: March 15

Week in Review: March 15
Savvy Sisters - Fri Mar 15, 2013 @ 09:00AM
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Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! And it's a terrific time to feed your mind with thought-provoking and entertaining posts that Savvy Week in Reviewspark new ideas and inspirations. So read on for this week's top picks!


The Savvy Sister

Twitter and Compete study: How Tweets influence B2B tech audiences by @csaito via @TwitterAds

Summary of findings from research showing that Tweet exposure increases site traffic, influences brand consideration, and drives leads for B2B tech companies.


Google Reader / RSS Reader Alternatives - Crowdsourced List – by @nickkellet

If you are as disappointed as some of us are that Google Reader is going away, you may appreciate this list from Nick Kellet on other options to consider.

22 image-editing tools to make your pictures pop – by @SHurleyHall via @prdailey

If you use images with your marketing (and who doesn’t these days), here are some tools that can make your job easier.

5 Content Marketing Mistakes that Even the Pros Make by @NeilPatel

Taking too narrow an approach to content marketing can rob you of opportunities. Check this list to be sure you're not missing out..

How To Use Objections To Get Awesome Before-After Testimonials by @seandsouza

Excellent technique.

5 Easy Tips for Improving Your Blog and Website Traffic by @John_Rosato via @JeffBullas

Basic SEO tips that you may be overlooking.

How to manage writers and get the most from them by @mstibbe

A little tongue in cheek, but with a grain of truth to it. Writers can be an odd breed - here are a few tips to help you get along famously.

A Real Simple Solution to the Death of Google Reader by @JerodMorris via @copyblogger

Have you heard the news? Google Reader is going to be buried six feet under on July 1st. If you have a blog and RSS subscribers, this matters to you and you should be looking at alternatives. Jerod Morris provides a smart, long-term solution.





Comments: 325


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