Week in Review: October 26th

Week in Review: October 26th
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Oct 26, 2012 @ 08:00AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewHave you had that crazy weather we have head here? Eighty degrees yesterday and then a much brisker 40 degrees this morning. Even though we have come to accept these sweeping changes for October, it reminds me of marketing. We know things are changing quickly, yet it can sometimes take us by surprise. To stay on top of all of the changes -- and get ideas for things that never go out of style -- check out these posts below. 

Have a great weekend!

The Savvy Sister

5 Content Strategies for Shaping Exceptional Executive Events by via @cmicontent

Are you missing an opportunity to connect with prospects and customers in person? Here are solid ideas for how to do it, along with two real-world case studies.

31 Easy Ideas To Create Content Your Customers Want by

Here's a list you'll want to keep handy.

Bent out of shape because of low B2B website conversion rates? A fix is in by @bhas

Interesting post on going beyond Google Analytics to tailor content on the fly based on a site visitor’s profile.

What Michael J. Fox Taught Me About Marketing by @JayBaer

Love this Big Picture thinking. It really makes a difference.

8 Methods to Turn Email Subscribers into Renewable Traffic by @RyanHanley_com

You know how important your mailing list is. Do you know what to do to get the most out of the relationships you're building?

3 Questions Every Brand Must Answer by @davidbrier

Excellent focus and a great example to show you how it's done.

6 Ways to Shake Up Your Storytelling Style by @melissatydell via @write_practice

This post was written with creative writers in mind, but apply these principles to your B2B stories and see where they take you.

SEO Simplified: 7 Techniques You Can Do in One Hour or Less  by @singlegrain

Mystified by SEO? You don't have to be. Here are seven quick but powerful tactics to improve your performance.

How To Write Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple by @HennekeD via @KISSmetrics

This post gives all the secrets away.



Comments: 30
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