49 Social Marketing Terms Explained for Newbies & Social Media Challenged

49 Social Marketing Terms Explained for Newbies & Social Media Challenged
Heather Rubesch - Thu May 24, 2012 @ 10:56AM
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glossary.jpgI was given an unexpected eye opening gift a few months ago.  I was asked by the owner of a local women's online forum to present a series of workshops for women business owners on using social marketing to grow their businesses.  All the women in the community are mothers and most are in their 30's - 50's.  So many successful, inspiring women enrolled.  Humbled me to see the type of women who were taking 5 hours out of their busy work and family schedules to find out more about how to improve their business with social marketing.

I designed the course with "homework" for each of them both before the course, between classes and afterwards intended to be they physical work they each needed to do to implement the best practices we were discussing.  As I worked my way through the course development I also found I had created a homework assignment for myself.  I need to create a glossary for all the terms I was throwing at them.  The glossary grew as I labored through creating the course materials.  

The Social Marketing Glossary is at 49 terms.  I know I will add more with each class but I also thought it might be helpful to the Savvy readership. Not because you guys don't know these terms.  In fact I am sure that most of the regular Savvy readers could write a much better glossary than I have but we all encounter friends, family, clients, co-workers who are struggling to get started in social media.  So this is a tool to share, to comment below with things I should add and to become a living document as we evangelize social and content marketing to the masses!

Please comment below with terms and definitions you would like to see added!

Comments: 54


1. David Bird   |   Sat May 26, 2012 @ 08:43AM

Hi Heather; This is a great resource that many people will find useful.... so useful some may want to call you and engage your services. Is there any reason you do not have your name on it, and how to contact you? Just curious.

2. Heather Rubesch   |   Sun May 27, 2012 @ 08:51PM

David - thanks for the suggestion. I have never thought of myself as hard to find but I might take your suggestion for the next version. In the meantime if anyone wants to get ahold of me or any of the Savvy Sisters our email addresses are on the "The Team" page above on the navigation bar :)

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