Savvy Week in Review - October 30

Savvy Week in Review - October 30
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Oct 30, 2009 @ 04:21AM
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Did we scare you?

No worries - nothing but treats here at the Savvy Week in Review. The Halloween holiday may be upon us, but our B2B community is still cranking out the good stuff.

Enjoy, but don't over indulge!


The Savvy Sisters


How to Craft an 'About' Page: 5 Keys to Telling Your Story - by @patsiblogsquad
Your About Us page is one of the most visited pages on websites. Is yours a boring bio, or is it an authentic story of you? Patsi Krakoff provides some suggestions.

Top 10 Lessons Small Businesses Can Takeaway from Smart Content Marketers - by @newtbarrett
Newt Barrett shares his top 10 takeaways the case studies featured in his book, Get Content, Get Customers (that he co-authored with Joe Pulizzi). These ideas work for companies big and small.

How You Market is Almost as Important as What You Market - by @velocitytweets
Stan Woods shares the three principles he thinks are imperative in communication: humanity, empathy and confidence. Couldn't agree more.

Top 10 Integrated Marketing Trends: Beware of Hyperfocus - by @judyfranks
Judy Franks presents the trends for 2010. My favorite is "Great content will travel at the 'speed of share' while 'average' experiences will evaporate."

Four Parts to Valuable Personas - via @MarketingProfs
This evergreen piece by Angela Quail of Goal Centric Management explains why personas must include these four elements if you're going to translate customer research into valuable innovation and action.

Is Your Marketing Content Ready for Step Backs? - by @ardath421
Ardath Albee suggests ways that marketers can identify prospects' objections using marketing automation solutions.

The Two Best Alternatives to Twitter as a Presentation Backchannel - by @OliviaMitchell
Planning to encourage audience participation while you present? You may want to consider these Twitter alternatives.

Sometimes, Your Customers Just Want the Box - by @lisabarone
As the mom of a Kindergartner, I totally get the idea behind hsi great post from Outspoken Media: sometimes, listening to your customers can save you a whole lot of pain, agony, and money!

How to Create a Social Media Strategy Document that Identifies Options and Opportunities - by @socialsignal
The team at Social Signal continues their behind-the-scenes series on creating social media strategy. This post includes two sample docs from their Concept Jam process.

Comments: 10


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