Savvy Speaks: Top Tips for Copy that SELLS

Savvy Speaks: Top Tips for Copy that SELLS
Savvy Sisters - Wed Feb 22, 2012 @ 07:18AM
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As a marketing professional, we're sure you have a lot of tricks and best practices up your sleeve. This week we asked ourselves to dig deep and come up with the ONE tip that makes B2B copy that really works for our clients.



Ask for "the Sale"

Every content asset should include a call to action that clearly guides readers to the next logical step in the path to purchase (whether watching a demo, downloading another content asset, signing up for a webinar or road show, calling a sales rep, etc.) Make it clear why readers should make this move (i.e., the benefits of doing so) and make it easy to take the step. Leaving it up to chance is wasting the engagement time you earned by drawing readers in with compelling, relevant copy.


Do your research

There is no substitute for due diligence. 

My best tip for creating copy that does its job is to do yours - ask the hard questions, interview the right people, read the relevant reference materials, research what's worked and what hasn't. 

I am occasionally asked to write copy by a client who doesn't believe in the need for these things. I always politely decline. Writing copy without going through this "initiation and discovery" phase is like trying to paint in the dark. You might get some colors on the canvas, but you probably won't end up with a very nice picture. 

However, when a writer and client collaborate on digging into all the who and the why, the what and the how, the big stories and the small details - that's when the copy falls together almost effortlessly. The hard part of creating copy that works is all the stuff that comes before you ever put the first word down. Get that under your belt, and the rest is cake.


Connect with Their Pain

I always ask my clients to find out what is keeping the key decision maker up at night.  Every department manager at every company has some dirty little secret he is hoping upper management doesn't discover.  If you can created a culture where your current customers will talk to you about that pain and make you a shared part of solving it then you then you are in!  You make fixing that pain the center of your sales pitch. 

Years ago I was working as a Pre-sales Engineer for a software company.  We would talk to customers about address data quality and the amount of returned mail they were getting.  I could always tell by the amount of handwringing and sideways glances around the room if I was hitting the right nerve with the right prospect.

Providing evidence that you understand and have experience with their specific problem and giving validation to the difficulty of that pain point can make all the difference.



It's all about the story 


Tell a story. It is when we engage our reader that we make a connection. Budweiser's marketing team understands this better than almost any other. Some of the most memorable ads are not about the biggest, brightest, and strongest. They are about a donkey who hopes to be on the hitch someday, a team of horses that travels across the U.S to pay respect to the victims of 9/11, or a bunch of frogs trying to read a sign in the swamp.


It can be done with video as well as with copy. We all want to be told a compelling story, complete with a beginning, middle, and an ending that touches us on a personal level commanding us to react.  


Do you agree with our tips?

What's your top tip for other marketing pros?

Comments: 3


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