Savvy Toolkit - How to Build a Business Presence on LinkedIn via @hubspot

Savvy Toolkit - How to Build a Business Presence on LinkedIn via @hubspot
Heather Rubesch - Tue Feb 14, 2012 @ 09:11AM
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LinkedIn.jpgI am guilty as many people are of neglecting LinkedIn.  Its lack of back and forth and snarky cartoons make it my 3rd favorite social media platform.  Whereas Facebook and Twitter live on my desktop, iPad and phone poor little LinkedIn only gets pulled up when I actually "need" information!  It is the reference desk of social media. 

The thing about LinkedIn is, because it lacks videos of monkey's sneezing and rants about the short short dress your sister-in-law wore to Christmas Eve mass, it gets more credibility than Facebook and Twitter with your boss and other business professionals.  Once known only as the place where job seekers and the disgruntled went to begin mining for a future job search LinkedIn has become the Who's Who of the Corporate world.  The never ending on-line contact list indexed by company name and title!  Your company needs to be on that list or you risk getting scooped by the competition who is doing it bigger and better.

The folks at Hubspot have crowd-sourced an eBook on How to Build a Powerful Business Presence on LinkedIn.  It does require registration to download but its 55 pages of actionable content you will find well worth giving up your email address for!  

Comments: 8


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No, in light of the fact that building a business takes a considerable measure of balls to do. You need to have a specific attitude and objective arranged mood, which you can just get from yourself. Those are not things you get from an education in light of the fact that truth be told, there are a great deal of slime balls out there with degrees on the grounds that their folks were eager to pay for school. Doesn't mean they got to be distinctly gainful individuals. yet that would be under the suspicion that ALL entrepreneurs have a training. Also, not simply *an* education - but rather the SAME training, and a similar nature of instruction. Which is 100% false. The normal college alumni is all the more formally "taught" than, say, Steve Jobs.

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