Week in Review - Feb 10th

Week in Review - Feb 10th
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Feb 10, 2012 @ 05:30AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewNext week is Valentine's Day. While we're sharing a little love for some of our favorite blog posts today, we're also sending out some virtual XO's to all our fellow B2B bloggers, our clients, and everyone else who brightens our days.

Wishing each of you an early warm & fuzzy Valentine's Day.  Be good to your loved ones - and yourself!


The Savvy Sister

It’s Not What You Sell - It’s How You Sell It by @InboundSales

Find out why your ability to make a sale is increasingly about delivering a buying experience that woos and wows prospects and customers.

Expectations and Experience are the New Competition by @ardath421

Noticing a theme? Yep, more terrific insight into why the buying experience matters more than ever.

A Key Content Marketing Hire: Why You Need a Managing Editor and What to Look For by @kevinrcain of @OpenViewVenture

As marketers evolve to become publishers, they need to think and act like them. Here's how to properly staff for a key role.

4 Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing that Go Beyond ROI by @jchernov via @Junta42

Do you know ALL the ways your company can benefit from content marketing? I bet not, but this post by Joe Chernov will fix that.

Predictive Buyer Modeling Is Changing the Future of B2B by @TonyZambito

It's no longer sufficient to look in the rearview mirror. Today's marketing execs need to understand multiple buying scenarios and how they will shape the organization’s marketing, sales, product, content, and social strategies.

4 Problems Killing Thought Leadership Marketing by @wittlake

Somewhere along the line, the true meaning of thought leadership has gotten lost. Read Eric Wittlake's take on this and be sure to follow the thread to the post by Chris Koch that jump-started the conversation.

The 3 Biggest Shifts Needed for Successful B2B Content Marketing by @CopywriterTO via @b2community

Rachel Foster outlines three ways to get more from your content marketing.

Will Content Marketing Destroy Social Media? by @BrennerMichael

Michael Brenner challenges someone's notion that content marketing is being used for evil and not good.

How George Lucas Would Write a Blog Post by @pushing social

Want each of your blog posts to make an impression and inspire readers to take action? Tell them a story and make them the hero.

10 Tips on Writing From David Ogilvy via @brainpicker

Loved this list - especially "Never write more than two pages on any subject."

The Evolution of a Blogger by @skooloflife via @markwschaefer

How evolved is your business blog? 


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