Want to be a Rock Star Guest Poster? Read This!

Want to be a Rock Star Guest Poster? Read This!
Heather Rubesch - Thu Feb 02, 2012 @ 08:54AM
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Guest_Name_Badge.jpgWe get a decent amount of Guest Post requests here at Savvy.  Early on we thought this was great!  The more guest posters the less work for us!  Well the joke is on us because managing guest post submissions has become at times more laborious than simply writing the posts!  We did all the things the experts suggested.  We created Guest Post Guidelines, we created an internal process by which to review and respond to the requests and finally we established an editorial calendar that allowed for one guest post per week on a predictable schedule.  We have featured now over 50 Guest Post and many of our submission have been fabulous.  The ones that weren’t didn’t ever make it to the blog!  How did those who got published differentiate themselves?

Suggestions to would be guest posters

  • Read a minimum of 10 posts on the blog you are asking to guest post on.  Make sure you fit the tone and topicality of that blog. If not move on.  Don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole!
  • Once you are sure you have a topic that will fit in submit the idea to the blog first.  You never know one of the regular contributors might be writing about the same subject next week.  Before you write a whole article clear it or better yet submit three ideas and let them choose what fits their editorial calendar best.
  • If you are proposing to write a series, be prepared to submit all installments before the first one runs. 
  • Do not ask us to run a thinly veiled advertorial.  If there are links in the article they shouldn’t all be to your products and services.  You will be given an opportunity in your bio to link to your own products / services but the meet of the article should be spam free!
  • Speaking of links if you happen to find a relevant article on our site or on a site from our blog roll when you were doing your background reading it is a good idea to link to it. 
  • Get it proofread before you submit.  Ask your best friend or even your spouse to proofread it.  We believe just because it is on the web doesn’t mean grammar and spelling guidelines are optional.
  • Do not recycle literally!  We are willing to accept a topic you have written elsewhere about but not an entire cut and paste article you have written elsewhere.  This is in our guest post guidelines and if you try to pull a fast one over on us it will end up getting your blacklisted.


What happens to guest blogs once they are received?

I can’t say what happens everywhere but I can tell you what happens at both Savvy and DemandCon where I am the Content Director.

  • Once a potential guest poster has been identified they are assigned a point of contact within the editorial staff and they work with that person through submission.
  • Blind submissions are all reviewed by the same person for consistency.
  • A minimum of two people read every guest post and give feedback.  We strive for 3 readers and all 6 of us have an opportunity to weigh in but at a minimum 2.
  • Based on the feedback and notes the guest poster is often asked to add an example, statistic, supporting factoid to a particular assertion.  These suggestions are designed to make your piece and our blog better.  If you aren’t willing to accept basic criticism you probably have no business writing for others.


The curtain is up!

Once a guest post is up the work is not done!  Here are a few things that happen after the fact.

  • We post guest submissions on Monday’s and then we tweet about them on our Savvy_B2B Twitter account as well as our individual Twitter accounts as we can.  I am always amazed and how little promotion is often done by the guest poster.  If you got published somewhere else tweet about it!!!!
  • Watch the comments.  It is always great when the author take the time to respond to comments that come in on their own post.  The blog editor will keep an eye out but only you can really answer the question the commenter has!
  • We allow guest posters to repurpose the post on their own blog as long as they mention in the intro of footer that it originally appeared on Savvy B2B and a link.  This is a great way to gain cross promotion but again very few guest posters seem to take advantage of this.
  • We run “best of” summary topics over the summer break.  Best of Guest Posts gives us a chance to showcase the guest posts that got the most traffic or comments.  You want to be in that club!


Think you might want to guest post for Savvy?  You can reach us at info@savvyb2bmarketing.com or on Twitter @Savvy_B2B.  I promise we won't bite!

Comments: 7


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