Savvy Week in Review - January 20

Savvy Week in Review - January 20
Savvy Sisters - Fri Jan 20, 2012 @ 09:30AM
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Another Friday is upon us, bringing with it all the goodness that so many of us look forward to each week. And that includes our roundup of the posts that got us thinking, inspired an "aha!" moment, or just plain entertained us. Hope they do the same for you. Enjoy!

Savvy Week in Review


The Savvy Sister

8 Predictions for Location-Based Marketing in 2012 by Adam Steinberg @adams472

Location intelligence and mobile marketing are on the top of many trends to watch for 2012 but Steinberg takes it to the next level with 8 predictions just around location marketing.  Including a prediction on who makes a bid for Foursquare.

Married to your business Twitter or Facebook account: Think before you say, I sue by @briansolis

Do you own your Twitter id and presence if your employer pays you to Tweet?  Could they sue you for control of your followers if you leave?  Brian Solis details some recent court cases and case study of a UK news personality for examples of how it can work well and go badly.

What Happens When Inbound Marketing Works? by @ardath421

Have you REALLY thought through the process for prospects once your genius marketing gets them in the door? Heed this warning from Ardath Albee or you'll be giving sales one more reason to point the finger.

Get to terms with Content Curation: Pro’s and con’s and 6 principles by @Rskin

Ryan Skinner of Velocity Partners in the UK spells out the right and wrong way to use content curation.

Setting Content Marketing Guidelines: 5 Templates to Drive the Process by @junta42

We love a good template, and you know it's gonna be good if it's on the Content Marketing Institute site. (Disclaimer - I'm not the Savvy Sister who contributes to that blog. I'm just an unbiased fan!   :)

Can Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates? by @KISSmetrics

You bet your sweet ... ahem ... well, yes, it can. Get the scoop and see some examples that might inspire you re: how to apply the theories to your own business.

Learning From Big Social Media Blunders by @pushingsocial via @markwschaefer

Getting into social is a little scary for some brands, but in this post you can learn about how some of the big guys made some big mistakes ... and that way you can avoid the same errors.

Even Bill Cosby Can't Make Bad QR Codes Funny by @lisabarone

You're thinking about using a QR code, but you're not entirely sure what to do with it. No worries - let Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media break it down for you. This post provides a great summary of best practices and a case study of blunders.  



Comments: 9


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