Savvy Week in Review - September 25th

Savvy Week in Review - September 25th
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Sep 25, 2009 @ 01:59AM
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Looking for some end-of-week inspiration? Look no further. We've rounded up some great reading to get you through Friday. Enjoy!

~ The Savvy Sisters

Lead Nurturing is NOT About Campaigns - by @ardath421

Do you know if you are nurturing your leads or executing a campaign (or maybe you think of these as the same thing)? Ardath Albee wrote a fantastic, straightforward post on how these two approaches differ.

New Study Reveals: Content is King . . . Not Social Media - by @jeffbullas

Wonder how users spend their time online? Jeff Bullas shares results from the "Internet Activity Index," which shows that reading content is the most popular way to spend time online.

The Platform vs. The Eyeballs - by @NotGodinREPOSTS (Seth Godin)

Particularly thought-provoking definition platform accompanied by an easy-to-digest explanation of the difference between old-school eyeball marketing and new-school platform building.

How to Measure Social Media - by @thebrandbuilder via @sernovitz

I've been reading this series for a while - Olivier Blanchard really knows how to break it down when it comes to understanding SM ROI. Combine his logic with a little witty reparte and some hysterical slides from a vintage SciFi movie, and you've got a winner on your hands.

3 Reasons to Use Twistory for Business - by @ducttape

John Jantsch gives a quick overview of an interesting app that allows you to track multiple tweets via an integration with Google calendar or iCal.

Social Media Policies from 80+ Organizations - by @mashable

Thinking about getting into social media, but not sure how to manage the protocols within your organization? Here are a mass of references for building your own SM policy.

Mastering the Customer Success Cycle by @brittonmanasco

Britton Manasco challenges us to consider just how far-reaching the marketing and sales misalignment might be.

Want to know which social media tool to bet on? Look at their relationship models. by @Ckochster

Chris Koch proposes an interesting way for B2B marketers to choose where to focus their social media marketing efforts.

Time: An Overlooked Difference between Marketing and Sales - by @MikeFrichol

Mike Frichol offers a new perspective on what's behind the marketing-sales disconnect.

Comments: 12


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