Savvy Toolkit - Demand Generation Summit

Savvy Toolkit - Demand Generation Summit
Heather Rubesch - Tue Jan 10, 2012 @ 03:00AM
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Getting the time off and travel budget approved to attend an industry conference is often difficult.  It is a double edged sword because you feel pressure to be up on the latest industry trends but taking 2 or 3 days straight away from your desk can be more of a nightmare than a help!

The folks at Bright Talk have put together an outstanding list of eleven presentations for their Demand Generation Summit that kicks off today.  The live on-line event runs all day today and the final presentation Demand Generation 2015 by Andrew Gaffney of DemandGen Report finishes up tomorrow morning.

In the middle is a whole host of excellent presentations such as:

How to Use Social Media and Content Marketing to Drive Demand
Stuart Whedon, Senior Director, Eloqua & John Sweeney, DemandGen

How to Create an Inbound Marketing Machine
Mike Volpe, CMO, Hubspot

Using Brand to Drive Demand
Jan McDaniel, CMO, BrightTALK

Capitalizing on Digital Body Language
Christine Crandell, President, New Business Strategies

How to Generate Leads & Drive Revenues with Social and Email Marketing
Tamara Gielen, Plan to Engage

Check it out!  If you can't make the live event you can listen to any of them recorded on the Bright Talk website.

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Comments: 7


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