Savvy Week in Review: January 6

Savvy Week in Review: January 6
Savvy Sisters - Fri Jan 06, 2012 @ 07:00AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewHappy New Year, everyone!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and is getting back into the swing of things. The blogosphere is cranking out some great posts, so if you haven't had time to get back on your RSS reader, these should give you a kick start for the year. 

The Savvy Sister

3 Common B2B SEO Mistakes by @NickStamoulis

So obvious, you might just overlook them. 

12 Essential Tips for Revitalizing Your Blog in 2012 by @GregoryCiotti via @problogger

This post runs you through a dozen ideas to make your blog more powerful, efficient, and effective.

Think Content Marketing, Not Copywriting by @jonbuscall

There is a difference. A big one. Have you got the right mindset?

3 Words You Should Eliminate from Your Writing by @menwithpens via @writetodone

Yes, please.  

Knowledge is Power When Nurturing Buyers by @ardath421 via @demandbase

Ardath Albee (the E.F. Hutton of content marketing, as Joe Chernov of Eloqua so aptly put), makes a compelling argument for marketers broadening how they view the lead nurturing process.

Five Things B2B Marketers Need to do Before Going Social via Chief Business Marketer

Check out the sage advice of Greg Ott, CMO at B2B web marketing firm Demandbase, on how to boost the likelihood of getting you want from yoru social media engagement.

Labcast: Simple Tips for Content Titles that WORK by @TheSalesLion via @OpenViewVenture

Take it from a guy who has seen one of posts get read over 100,000 times, these proven practices are the way to get folks consuming your content!

The Power of Lists and Collected Resources for Social Media Marketing by @leeodden via @ClickZ

Lee Odden shares two tips for making sure your compiled lists get read and shared.


Comments: 14


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