Savvy Week in Review - September 18th

Savvy Week in Review - September 18th
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Sep 18, 2009 @ 03:48AM
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TGIF, and how!

The kids are back in school and we're all feeling extra studious. We've been devouring blog content all week and now we're here to share our picks with you.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you bright and early Monday morning!

The Savvy Sisters


10 Ways to Identify Trustworthy Social Media Communications Professionals - by @augieray
Thinking of hiring a social media professional? Use this rule-of-thumb list to evaluate your options.

6 Social Media Tips That Make a Real Difference - by @Yuricon
Erica Friedman provides 6 down-to-earth social media tips written for her target market of small and micro niche businesses. The beauty of this post is that her solid advice can be applied to almost any business.

The Information Gap Between Marketing & Sales -- and how to fill it by - by @Ckochster

Chris Koch explains the interdependencies between marketing and sales, and offers practical ideas for how marketers can supply salespeople with the type of information that prospects and customers will crave.


Guest Post: 5 Keys to Making Content Marketing Matter - by @Patsiblogsquad via @jonkranz

Patsi explains why you need to publish content on the Web to grow your business.


Uncover Your Brilliance: How to Write So That People Take Notice via @raintoday

Vickie Sullivan shares two ways to draw out your best insights for articles, media interviews, and speeches.


B2B Decision-Maker Influencers: 24 Categories Involved in Purchase Decisions - @bfr3nch

When you are thinking of influencers, do you only think of who is influencing the decision makers at your account? Barbara French gives you other people to consider.

Mastering the Customer Success Cycle - by @brittonmanasco
Britton Manasco challenges the conventional sales funnel/buying cycle and thinks that marketers should extend that vision and plan for the "success cycle," which is the successful implementation, performance and advocacy of the product or service.


Social Media Starts with a Content Strategy - by @juntajoe
Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 shares the presentation he gave at the Virtual Marketing Executives Networking Group. Concise blogging and twitter tips along with some bonus ideas for laying the groundwork on a solid social media strategy.

Old School vs New School Marketing
- by @Lisabarone
I'm just loving this blog - good information served up with a side of humor. In this post, Lisa Barone brings us back to the basics and makes the point that it's not enough to just "know" something - you have to act on it. Imagine! ^jw

The Lamest Excuses to Avoid Social Media
- by @markwschaefer
You think you have a good reason to stay out of the social game? Think again. Mark's got an answer to your every excuse, and he's not afraid to use them. Swing by and leave a comment - and don't forget to congratulate him on his recent wedding!


Shredding Some Misconceptions About Social Media - Part 1 - by @thebrandbuilder
In the same vein as Mark, Olivier Blanchard takes a stand against some common misconceptions that hold companies back from getting involved in social media. His bottom line? Social media is as much a fad as the Web itself, or cell phones. Yeah - seriously.

Why B2B Companies Have a Distinct Advantage Online - by @conversationage
Valeria Maltoni has a chart to back this up. You think B2B is better served in more conservative channels? Think again. From mapping the "customer journey" to conversion to customer care, Valeria makes her case well. Check it out.

Comments: 10


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