Getting found on LinkedIn: how keywords can improve your visibility

Getting found on LinkedIn: how keywords can improve your visibility
Wendy Thomas - Mon Dec 12, 2011 @ 02:52PM
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Today's Post is provided by journalist and e-copy writer; Lisa Jackson. 


LinkedIn may have started out being a job board, but it has become a powerful B2B marketing tool for freelance professionals and others. It is a strong resource for making connections with people and businesses, leading to increased sales for you.

If you’re on LinkedIn already, log in now, do a search on a keyword you feel people will use to find you, and see where you key owrdsshow in the rankings. Are you in the top 10? Are you on the first page of search results? If yes, you probably don’t need to read this post. However, if you’re not at the top of the rankings, read on to learn a few easy steps to increase your visibility.

It’s all about the keywords.

Keywords are critical in your profile and the more focused you can be, the better.

How would you search for yourself on Bing, Google, or Yahoo? Think about the words your ideal client would use to search for you. What type of job are you seeking? What industry are you focused on? Is your focus on a particular country, region, or city?

What 1, 2, or 3 keywords are appropriate for you? A 2- to 3-word keyword combo gives the best results.

So, once you know your keyword(s), where do you include them for the best effect?


You may be tempted to put in “CEO,” “Vice President,” “Owner,” “Looking for work,” or some other generic titles, but how many people will search for you using those keywords? Perhaps one of them is appropriate, but think of other ways to describe what you do and how people will search for you. For instance, instead of simply using ‘accountant’, use ‘small business accountant,’ or ‘Cityville tax accountant.’ If you specialize or only work locally, make it apparent. The space allotted for the headline is quite large, so take advantage.

Experience – current and past

As with the headline, your work experience should include your keyword(s) whenever possible. Sure your job title could have been “assistant manager,” but how many people will actually type that in with the hope of finding you? Use keywords in the job title and in the job description.

Be authentic and include keyword(s) with as many jobs as possible. People who find you through a search will read your profile and will know if you are being real or if you are trying to play the system. You want a clean profile that represents you and your background, while embracing the power of keywords.

Summary and specialties

Your personal summary is also a place to include your main keyword(s), as appropriate. The summary is like a letter of introduction to those who view your profile. It needs to be professional and conversational while using keyword(s).

The specialties section lets you create a list of several specialties. Again, you want to include your keyword(s) here in a clean way. Spread out the items in the list, so your keyword doesn’t appear several times in a row. Be honest and straightforward, while giving a bit of thought to how to best represent yourself and your skills.

By maximizing the power of keywords:

·         You gain credibility

·         You can be found more easily

·         You can create more leads and make more sales

Now that you’ve placed keywords in your profile, do a search on your keyword or keyword phrase again. Have you moved up in the rankings? I bet you have.

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About Lisa Jackson: An interviewer, journalist, e-copy writer, and fiction writer, Lisa Jackson is the sole proprietor of Write Your Way, an editing and writing service business. Her writing has appeared in regional magazines, newspapers, blogs, e-zines, and anthologies. She is also co-founder and regular contributor to the NH Writer’s Network blog, focusing on tips and advice for writers.

Comments: 29


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Social media is a way that people can find you and you should use keywords when you write your profile on Linkedin.

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