Savvy Toolkit - What's up with Small Businesses and Social Media

Savvy Toolkit - What's up with Small Businesses and Social Media
Heather Rubesch - Tue Nov 22, 2011 @ 10:40AM
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Small-Business_tag_cloud.jpgYou can't turn on a news program these days without someone saying "Small Business is the future of our economy", "Small Businesses are job creators", "Small Business growth is the way out of the recession".  So what are small businesses doing to improve their success rate considering all the noise that is out there?

Well according to this Social Strategy1 and OfficeArrow research 67% of them won't be moving towards Social Media as a way to grow and foster customer relationships.  Additionally only a paltry 4% of Small Businesses surveyed use a Social Media Management service.

Those who hold back seem to fear lots of things.  Specifically of the 343 Small Business Executives surveyed by Social Strategy1 and OfficeArrow:

  • 51% fear sharing sensitive information
  • 50% say there’s too much social media to manage
  • 44% fear “information overload"


One of the things blogs like ours have tried to do for the last three years is make Social Media less scary by giving practical tips that readers can take away and implement in their every day business lives.  Are we failing to make that connection?  Would love to hear from some of our small business readers about who they are using Social Media successfully.

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Comments: 7


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