Savvy Week in Review: November 11

Savvy Week in Review: November 11
Savvy Sisters - Fri Nov 11, 2011 @ 08:45AM
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Happy Veteran's Day and 11/11/11! Whether you have the day off or are counting down the moments until the official weekend Savvy Week in Reviewarrives, we think you'll find teriffic inspiration in this week's round up of our fave posts. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! 

The Savvy Sister


How to Create Social Media Metrics That Matter by @SocialSteve via @markwschaefer

The ROI of social media is constantly under fire, but maybe we need to be looking at measurement in new terms. This post on the {grow} blog provides some good ideas for how get started sanely. 

If You're Still Asking What Business You're In, You're Ahead of Them by @lizstrauss

Are really on top of what you're doing with your business, or have you followed the path of habit and least resistence to the valley of same old-same old? Are you sure?

Five Marketing Trends that Only a CMO Contemplating Career Suicide Would Ignore by Tom Shapiro via @MarketingProfs

In this post, Shapiro highlights five Big Ideas that you need to integrate into your strategic thinking.

The Ziggy Stardust Guide to Social Media Stardom by @markmcguinness on @copyblogger

Loved this post about how to shine your brightest on the social media stage. It's a 3-dimensional performance. 

4 Reasons Content Marketing isn’t as Frightening as You Think by @msnods via @MarketingProfs

Matt Snodgrass calms your fears by explaining why you have nothing to fear when it comes to content marketing.

7 Content Marketing Tactics To Rank Higher In Google’s New Fresh Results by @benwills via @marketingpilgrm

Ben Wills of Marketing Pilgrim offers seven ways to make sure your content has a shot at ranking high with Google.

5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Think (and Act) Different by @cahidalgo via @MarketingProfs

Inspired by Apple’s Think Different campaign, Carlos Hidalgo suggests how B2B marketers can adopt a new approach and attitude.


Comments: 8


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