Savvy Speaks: Top Collaboration Tools

Savvy Speaks: Top Collaboration Tools
Savvy Sisters - Wed Nov 16, 2011 @ 09:32AM
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Collaboration is an important element of being a freelance marketing professional. Often we are called upon to collabrate on time-sensitive projects with teams in far flung locales. While technology obviously makes things much easier, some tools are much better than others. The Savvy Sisters share their favorites: 


Michele Free and easy screen sharing

Thanks to Heather, I just discovered, which is a free screen sharing application. While I still use Skype for this function, is a great alternative to those who aren't running that program. is free, fast and super easy to use. I would highly recommend if you need to share your screen while collaborating virtually!

And, if you need a free conference call number to go with it, you can't beat Free Conference Call


Google Documents

I use Google Docs from working with clients, to sending articles to editors,  and even in editing my son's college essays. It's an online sharing tool that has come in handy so many times. Love that many eyes can see the edits as we go along. 

I also use Skype and have been asked to look into Basecamp. 


Make it EASY.

I use all the tools my fellow Savvy Sisters have cited ... and don't know how I ever did without them (the tools, and my Savvy Sisters). My advice is tool-agnostic - keep it simple. Collaboration tools are meant to help make things more efficient, not add all kinds of extra work. Brilliant solutions include ways to integrate your everyday tools with your integration tools. For instance, Basecamp lets you post and respond to posts via your email, so you don't even have to go to the Basecamp site. Simple. Easy. Efficient.

Selecting your tools carefully and keeping them to a minimum is another smart choice. It may take you a while to find your favorites, but you'll be happier (and more productive) if you limit your toolbox to only those tools you love, and eliminate the "fluff."

Happy collaborating!  



I use Basecamp with two different clients. No more digging through 100s of emails to try to piece together what's going on with a project. All of your project messages, documents, milestones, schedules, and etc. are all in one place for easy reference. And the system sends you a notice via email any time something new is posted. Plans start at $49 per month.


A whole toolbox of stuff!

As Michele mentioned above I have been sharing the virtues of  I wanted to give a shout out again because it really has been flawless and easy to use.

I also have a fair number of international clients and long distance charges are no joke so I am a big fan of Skype.  My kids also love to "tour" my hotel rooms when I travel using the webcam on my laptop and Skype.  Always trying to keep my little collaborators happy!

Finally Dropbox has become a critical part of my work strategy.  The ability to be able to access my on-line documents anywhere from any machine and keep the versions straight!  Priceless for this mobile maven who is frequently working from the bleachers at various practices and sporting events.

What are your best collaboration tools, tricks and tips?

Comments: 9


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