Weekly Wrap Up - September 30

Weekly Wrap Up - September 30
Savvy Sisters - Fri Sep 30, 2011 @ 09:00AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewHappy last day of September! If you are feeling like many of us who are fortunate enough to work from home, it's a great day to get cozy in some warm clothes and fuzzy slippers and sip a hot beverage . . . while catching up on the blogosphere. Lots of goodies this week! 

The Savvy Sister

Why B2B Companies Need a Chief Content Officer by @basebot

Two reasons: quality and efficiency. Both can wreak havoc on the success of your content marketing if you don't have them. 

5 Content Marketing Questions: #1 What's the Problem by @patsiblogsquad

In this post, Patsi Krakoff explores the 5 questions that will help you simplify and organize your web and blog writing. 

How to Build the Deeply Connected Network that is the Key to Any Strategy by @lizstrauss

This advice applies to businesses as well as individuals, and guess what? A big piece of the plan boils down to content creation and content curation. 

15 Presentations from Corporate Vision's Marketing & Sales Alignment Conference by @corpv

See how ADP, Iron Mountain, Dow Jones, Attachmate, Oracle, and other leading companies bridge the great divide.

How to Use LinkedIn to Size a B2B Market by @penknifetlv via @b2community

A valuable guide to figuring out your addressable market using LinkedIn.

The Holy Grail of Globalizing Editorial Planning by @pdidner via @junta42

Terrific step-by-step guidance for identifying topics that cross cultural and geographical boundaries and putting a plan in place to engage prospects on these issues.

Your Satisfaction May Be Guaranteed, But It's Seldom a Priority - by @scottabel

Here's an interesting case study of how two different silos of AT&T gave a customer great and terrible customer service. Although this is a B2C examples, many B2Bs can relate.

Lousy Marketing Messages: 5 Causes and Solutions - by @aprildunford

Are sales and product management not loving the messages coming out of marketing? April Dunford shares five possible reasons that may be plaguing your department.

Comments: 3


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