Savvy Speaks: Just Give Me a Reason!

Savvy Speaks: Just Give Me a Reason!
Savvy Sisters - Wed Sep 21, 2011 @ 04:59AM
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Everyone needs a reason to do things. As marketers we are always asking prospects to give us their time, attention, or business. As freelance professionals we do the same things in our own professional lives. This week the Savvy Sisters share the reasons they give that get prospects off the fence.


Show, don't tell. 

The most persuasive elements of any "pitch" aren't what you say, but what you do. Proving my value in a way that directly addresses specific needs is the best way I know to turn prospects into customers.

When I'm having an initial chat with a potential client, my only job is to listen and listen well. The focus of the conversation is never my expertise, experience, or portfolio. It's always about the prospect's problem. Once I have a solid understanding of the situation, I do my best to deliver some immediately applicable advice that demonstrates a) that I heard what they said and I "get" them, b) that I know what the heck I'm talking about, and c) that I really do have their best interests at heart.

If you can show people how you can help them, instead of just telling them, you'll be that much closer to closing the deal.  


Outsource headaches - don't amplify them

When I get push-back from a new client, it's almost always on price. But "Pricing 101" tells us that when you are selling a specialized product, you never compete on price. The key is making sure your client knows you are selling a specialized product - not a commodity.

And that goes back to something we are always talking about here at Savvy. What is your value add? Why should you hire me over the guy who wants to charge you half as much? The answer usually has less to do with the actual words that end up on the page, and more to do with the experience of working with me.

I ask clients to think about it the same way as hiring a contractor to do work on their house. If you hire the guy with the lowest quote, you shouldn't be surprised if he disappears halfway through the project, or if you have to hire another contractor to fix all the problems he created. Headache after headache.

It's the same with a freelancer. You're hiring someone because you don't have the time or expertise in-house to get the project done. Make it easy on yourself and hire someone who has the experience and skills to get it done right the first time, with the least amount of hand-holding on your part. The guy with the lowest price either has the least amount of experience or the least amount of confidence in his own work. That's not someone I'd like representing my company. Would you?


It's the approach used



Much of my writing assignments come because of my journalism background. I understand privacy issues. I understand when someone says “this is off the record” that it truly is off the record. I protect sources. People like that about my approach.


Also as a journalist, I know how to interview, how to do the research to ask the questions, and how to put my subject at ease. For a regional magazine, I recently interviewed a young couple who had just started a farm – think I showed up in anything but jeans and a cotton shirt? We ended up walking through the plant rows and getting up close and personal with the Black Beauty peppers while I got some great quotes.


Lastly, with an instructional design background, I can recognize teaching moments. Either when I have to teach the people I'm working with (to tease out the correct steps in a process, for example) or to teach my readers about information they might not be entirely familiar with, the ability to anticipate when your audience might be confused is a strong selling point.  




What are some of the reasons you give to people to purchase your product or skills?

Is it effective?

Comments: 13


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