Savvy Toolkit - Tapping into the SEO lobe of John Hoff's Brain

Savvy Toolkit - Tapping into the SEO lobe of John Hoff's Brain
Heather Rubesch - Tue Sep 13, 2011 @ 10:10AM
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When we started featuring Toolkit on the Savvy blog almost a year ago the very first installment was an SEO tool because I feel like it is one area that confounds most B2B marketers the most.  Many of us come from a copywriting background and the idea flies somewhat in the face of what we have classically done.  Writers are proud of our thesaurus like vocabularies.  We are proud to tell you we have 172 ways to say the same thing so that the idea is reinforcing but not repetitive.  The idea of cleverly placed keyword phrases is in some ways simply wrong to us by nature.

What I have learned over the past year while researching pieces for this toolkit feature is that SEO is so much more than just keyword.  We recently ran johns-seo-brain.jpga Periodic Table of SEO infographic that did a brilliant job of showing just how much of SEO is not keyword.  Unfortunately an infographic can only go so deep.  For those of you who wanted more but weren't sure where to get it I now give you:

The Blog Training Classroom Presents John Hoff's Brain on SEO!!!!

108 meaty pages of everything you wished you knew about SEO but were afraid to ask for fear you would look like you were behind.  Several of the commenters on John's blog post remark they are amazed he is providing such a rich resource for free and you can count six more amazed respondents in the Savvy Sisters.  We think this is definitely the type of content worth paying for!



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Comments: 8


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