Savvy Speaks: Breaking Through the "Blogging Block"

Savvy Speaks: Breaking Through the "Blogging Block"
Savvy Sisters - Wed Aug 31, 2011 @ 05:40AM
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With blogging, it's so important to keep a constant stream of fresh, relevant content for your readers. But what do you do when the blogging muse is witholding her favors? Here's what the Savvy Sisters do to break through bloggers block and keep the content coming:



Don't go there.

Keep a list of post ideas and you will never have to worry about facing the terror of blogger's block again.

The trick is to write down each of your ideas the MINUTE you have it. Wait a breath too long, and your brilliant concept will have disappeared like smoke on the wind. Add to your list all the time and when your "rainy day" comes and you've got nothin' you'll actually have something - a treasure trove of topics to pick from.  



Use the Force

I use the force for a lot of things (thanks, Luke Skywalker) like driving directions, ordering at restaurants, and yes, writing B2B copy and blog posts. I will admit I am a sci-fi geek, but no, I am not certifiably insane. What I mean by "the force" is honoring your instincts. If I am having trouble writing, I write without censoring myself, just whatever happens to flow from my brain to my fingertips. "Just get something on the paper," I say to myself, "you can edit it later." And you know what? I almost never need to.



Use different angles

Oh, writer's block. I've had my share of that this year! Here are a few things I have do to get some inspiration for blog posts:

  • Spend time with my daughter: As I have mentioned on Savvy B2B before, one of my best sources of business inspiration is my 3-year old daughter. I'm constantly getting ideas of why things are important or how to explain a concept in a new way. 
  • Think about clients: Real-life lessons from clients always get me thinking about blog posts. What questions do they have that could be a good source for a post? Where do I feel like I am adding value in process -- that my readers can learn from as well? 
  • Browse magazines: I enjoy looking at magzines to see how they present information. Not a lot of what is being said is new, but sometimes it can help to say something in a new way. 
  • Get on a schedule: For me, writing begets more writing. I have had times when I have written a lot and times where I'm so focused on work that writing has taken a back seat. Without fail, it's much easier to write when I'm in the groove. 

Wendy Thomas


Write it down

I'm with Jamie. I keep a list of any and all blog post topics I have. Seriously at this point I must have at least 50 from which to choose. 

It makes life a lot easier that way. 

Another trick I use when the well is dry is to work backwards. I think of the final message I want my readers to hear and then I come up with a story or experience that demonstrates it. 

Lastly, never underestimate the power of an inspirational quote and  a nice piece of art. Sometimes it's the quote posts that get the most responses. 



Look Around You

I'm constantly reading, whether blog posts, eBooks, magazines, or email newsletters. When something sparks an idea for a blog post, I do what Jamie suggests and jot it down, whether on paper or in a Word doc, or send myself an email with a pointer to the inspiration.

If I'm truly stuck for writing an original blog post, I'll review the articles, Tweets, etc. that caught my eye recently and aggregate them to create a curated blog post that summarizes various points of view.

Another reliable standby is to interview someone for a post. While you need to come up with the questions, the writing is largely a matter of "cleaning up" the person's responses.


How do you break through writer's block?

What is the blogging muse's name?

Comments: 13


1. Liam @ Write an Ebook  |  my website   |   Fri Dec 02, 2011 @ 03:50PM

I think one of the best ways to break through writer's block is to simply sit down and start writing! Don't wait until you feel inspired. Start and the words will often flow. As someone once said, "Do the thing and you'll get the energy to do the thing."

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