Savvy Week in Review - August 5

Savvy Week in Review - August 5
Savvy Sisters - Fri Aug 05, 2011 @ 06:33AM
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How can it be August already? as we kick off the last month of summer, the last thing on your mind may be work. But the blogosphere is always buzzing. Here are some of our favorite picks from the week. Stay cool!

Savvy Week in Review

The Savvy Sister

What Lady Gaga Knows About Social Media Success (That You Don't!) by @SeanPlatt

Think B2B can't learn a thing or two from the reigning queen of pop? Think again.

Study: Will You Abandon Facebook in Favor of Google+? by @briansolis

Google+ is the hottest social topic these days as people start to experiment and the will they-won't they debates rage on. Brian Solis runs some polls and includes graphs to illustrate the results of his inquiries. 

4 Content Ideas for Driving Inbound Leads by @spinsucks featuring @TheSalesLion

Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks recaps the key points of a presentation by Marus Sheridan. Bite-sized and ready to apply!

What Your Customers Aren't Telling You by @meganauman

Sometimes, it's the unarticulated things that make or break the sale. Are you tuned in?

Tips on Blog Post Optimization by @patsiblogsquad

Handy post includes a couple flow chart/checklists that make it easy to see if you're hitting the mark with your post optimization.

She's Shaving Her Head for Girl Writers by @suddenlyjamie for @communicatrix

Pimping my own post here, but I'm really pimping @communicatrix and her fabulous project to raise $50,000 by her 50th birthday (coming up soon) to support an amazing writer non-profit called @writegirlLA. We know many of our readers are writers - this is a great chance to give back to the next generation AND have some fun! 

Content Strategy Can Save Us All From Slobdom by Meghan Casey via @BrainTraffic

Meghan Casey gives us a look at how to clear website - and bedroom - clutter. 

9 Steps to Building Your Social Media Framework - by @globalcopywrite

Trying to get a handle on good social media routine? Sarah Mitchell gives you some solid tips from her own routine.  

In Search, Your Competition Isn't Who You Think - by @leeodden

Lee Odden provides a good reminder about who you competition really is online.  

3 Lead Management Questions Sales Will Ask Marketing - via @eloqua

If you have implemented a lead management process, you're bound to get some questions. Get some help with these answers. 

Comments: 10


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