Savvy Speaks: What's Your Strategy?

Savvy Speaks: What's Your Strategy?
Savvy Sisters - Wed Aug 10, 2011 @ 08:30AM
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We Savvy Sisters believe in planning your work and working your plan. We would never dream of starting a project without a content strategy. What's a content strategy? How do you even start one? Read on...



5 W's and an H

A content strategy helps you get a big picture view of:

  • Who you're writing for
  • What questions they need answered
  • Where they're looking for information (in terms of placement and format - text vs. audio vs. video, etc)
  • When they're looking for it (in terms of the buying cycle)
  • Why they should care 
  • How your content moves the prospect to the next step


It also helps you identify where you have "holes" in the content "stream" and where there are opportunities to repurpose existing or new content into multiple formats or across multiple platforms.


The Answer Lies in the Questions

Content strategy is the high level messaging that you carry through all of your collateral. To develop it, you need to know who your customer is, what his problems are and how your solution solves them. These are the basics. But the key to copy that really speaks to the heart of your prospect is understanding what will make them get off the fence and make a purchase decision.

A quick and very effective way to find out is to ask your sales team about what “buying questions” prospects ask. Buying questions are what the prospect asks at the very end of the sales cycle, and they can give you deep insight into both what drives decisions and what truly differentiates you from your competition in your customers’ eyes.


Think Macro

A content strategy is the blueprint for your content marketing initiative. In addition to capturing the micro information detailed by Jamie and Kate, your strategy should address macro issues, including:

  • What are our strategic (and measurable) goals as tied to overall organizational goals (e.g., converting X% prospects to customers, increasing revenues in territory Y by X%, etc.)?
  • What ideas/thought leadership and themes will we use as the basis for our content marketing?
  • Who will head up our initiative and what's the plan for the next 6-12 months?
  • How will our content marketing initiative filter across channels and throughout the organization so we get the biggest bang for the buck?



Ask Yourself These 4 Questions
In its simplest terms, a strategy covers these main questions:
  • What is my business goal? What specifically do I want to accomlish with my marketing? Build awareness? Get new leads? Retain customers?
  • Who is my target audience? Create a buyer persona to help you stay focused. 
  • What kind of content do I need  to create? Think about not only the topics your audience wants to hear about but the format in which they want to receive content. 
  • What process will I use to create all of this content? Here you need to lay out a plan for getting all of this done. At the minimum, set up an editorial calendar to help you stay on track. 
I love this post from Kathy Hanbury that explains content strategy  in an easy-to-understand way. 


Do you start a project with a content strategy or do you ask for one from the client?

What do you include in your strategy?

Comments: 9


1. Stephanie Tilton  |  my website   |   Wed Aug 10, 2011 @ 12:24PM

Eric, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I believe we may be saying the same thing in different ways. I suggested aligning content marketing goals with higher level organizational goals. So instead of "Increase downloads of white papers by X%," tie into a bigger objective such as "increase revenues by X% within Asia Pac." Is that what you had in mind?

And I completely agree that if you're working with an outside consultant, it's critical to convey this context.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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