Savvy Toolkit - Free Trial of Fotolia Stock Photography

Savvy Toolkit - Free Trial of Fotolia Stock Photography
Heather Rubesch - Tue Jul 26, 2011 @ 02:39PM
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fotolia.jpgWe all know the saying "a pictures is worth a thousand words" but in the blogging world sometimes finding that perfect photo to compliment your blog post can seem like it takes a thousand times longer than it should!  Having access to a large royalty free photo library would be just what you might ask your Blogging Fairy Godmother for!  And in that way the Savvy Sisters are that Fairy Godmother x 6!  At least for the next 14 days!

Fotolia, the first worldwide social marketplace for royalty free stock images, is allowing our readers to access their site for 14 days and download up to 3 images per day for free!  42 total images that you can own and use to captivate your blog readers and illuminate your words!

How do you get started?  Well first you have to email me for a coupon code and link!  Then you have to get downloading! 

Need some reasons to try Fotolia? 

1. Time Savings
Fotolia services will save you time, as you are much more likely to find what you need quickly. A savings in time translates into saving money.

2. Clear Licensing Agreement
One hazard of being a designer is learning about copyright laws, restrictions and licenses. On the free photo sites, you have to read the fine print for each and every photo you use. Some photographs come with no restrictions, some are only for non-commercial use and some require the name of the photographer. You don’t have to deal with this headache on Fotolia. The licensing agreement will be the same for all photos in the license category you select, which is typically a standard royalty-free license.

3. Availability of Vector Art and Illustrations
Fotolia offers a wide variety of vector art and illustrations. Illustrated graphics can give a course a completely unique look and feel. Vector art refers to graphics that are hand drawn in a tool like Adobe Illustrator. Because they exist as mathematical renderings, they can be expanded to any size and manipulated in a vector graphics program.

4. Compelling Images
You can find photos based on a concept, emotion or theme. You can find people doing interesting things and simple single objects that are ready to use.

5. Guaranteed Model Releases
You need the signed release of a model to use his or her photo. Model releases are guaranteed with a paid service. This is not true on a free site. That’s why I never use photographs of a person from a free service.

6. More Efficient Search
There’s nothing like typing in the search term ‘money’ and getting back photos of the Eiffel tower. This kind of poor search functionality is common on some free photo sites. On the other hand, efficient search functionality is one of the foundations of Fotolia. Fotolia has staff to tag their photos with keywords, so the results are usually more accurate. The keywords are also translated in many languages.

7. Supports The Arts
The world would only be shades of gray without the Arts. By paying for images, you’re helping photographers and illustrators earn a living. We need them.

8. Reduces Stress
When you can quickly find the graphics you like and need, it reduces your level of stress. And we all need that.

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Comments: 27


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6. Rdokoye   |   Tue Jan 13, 2015 @ 03:16PM

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7. Elysia   |   Mon Apr 06, 2015 @ 01:35AM

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