Savvy Week in Review: July 15

Savvy Week in Review: July 15
Savvy Sisters - Fri Jul 15, 2011 @ 07:30AM
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Hopefully your summer has started with a bang! Whether you're looking for ways to escape the heat or turn up the sizzle, we've got Savvy Week in Reviewa tremendous lineup for you this week. Read on and enjoy!

The Savvy Sister

7 Key Steps to Being Seen as the Best in Your Field by @lizstrauss

Though this article is written with an individual in mind, the same tactics can be applied to a company as well. 

Early Lessons to Shaper Your Content Marketing Program by @B2BLaunchPad

If your company is just getting started with content marketing (and feeling a little anxious) here are four Big Picture tips to wrap your head around before you get going.

Serial Killer: The DIssing of the Oxford Comma by @BrainTraffic

Ok, this one is for the total writer geeks in our midst. If you don't know what an Oxford comma is, skip it. If you DO - great summary of the debate plus a theme song about the Oxford comma. 

Do Not Build Startup Messages For Your Grandmother by @AprilDunford

Thank you, April, for dispelling one of branding's most annoying pieces of bad advice. Loved this post! 

Turn the Beat Around. Let's Blog Upside Down by @markwschaefer

Fun and  informative dissection of what it takes to write an upside down blog post. Don't know what that is? Go read the post!

Kronos Retools Case Studies after Insightful Sales Rep Feedback by @casey_hibbard

See how Kronos streamlined its case studies by finding out how sales reps use them.

McKinsey: We Are All Marketers Now by @bobapollo

Read why and how the marketing function needs to be reinvented in order for B2B companies to win deals.

How to Get Buy-in for Marketing Automation by @ardath421

Ardath Albee explains how Eloqua's new guide is a prime example of how to create personalized content aimed at multiple personas.

Twitter Drives 4x as Much Traffic as You Think. Here's Why . . .  by @msuster via @techcrunch

Do you want to know how much of your traffic is coming from Twitter? Google Analytics may not give you the answer. 

What Your Business Needs to Know About Google+  
by @noyesjesse via @eloqua

A helpful primer on Google+ with lots of useful links. 

Comments: 10


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