Savvy Week in Review, August 7

Savvy Week in Review, August 7
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Aug 07, 2009 @ 02:08AM
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Weekly Wrap UpAs another week draws to an end, we're happy to present the posts -- and video -- that gave us pause and made us smile. Enjoy!

3 Ways to find Twitter Users by Profession - by @ducttape
John Jantsch shares some new Twitter Tools to help you find the people you seek for your industry.

Dear ESPN - You're Doing it Wrong
- by @chrisbrogan
ESPN's new policy to restrict the Tweeting lives of their staffers caused quite a buzz on twitter and the blogs this week. Chris' commentary discusses why this is strategic mistake for the broadcaster.

The 7 "Emotional Hooks" for B2B Selling - by @Sales_Machine
While there are definitely "emotions" that influence B2B sales, they're not the same emotions that you find in consumer purchases.

How to Launch an eBook or White Paper - Authority Rules - by @juntajoe
Learn what model Copyblogger author Brian Clark used to launch his latest eBook - and how you can duplicate it.

Staying the Course is NOT Stuck in the Mud - by @ardath421
10 reasons companies abandon marketing programs too soon and 5 suggestions to keep them on course.

Putnam Investments breaks ground on blogs, Twitter, and social media
- by @dmscott
David Meerman Scott does a happy dance as a big-name financial company gets serious about social.

Are We Solving the Same Problem?
- by @NotGodinREPOSTs
In his usual succinct style, Seth Godin gets to the core of many a marketer's misery - the case of the campaign without a clear goal.

Why Small is the New Big in Social Media Marketing
- by @jonathanfields
Are you a smaller company hoping to leverage social media? Get inspired with this post that explains why smaller companies may have the social edge over the big boys.

5 Twitter Tips to Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy - by @newtbarrett
Newt Barrett explains how to make sure your Twitter efforts pay off, with pointers to great tools.

The twouble with Twitter - by @jackiehuba
An entertaining 4.5-minute video brings perspective to our world without Twitter this week. (C'mon, you know you can relate!)

Comments: 9


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