Savvy Week in Review - July 8

Savvy Week in Review - July 8
Savvy Sisters - Fri Jul 08, 2011 @ 08:00AM
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savvyweek2.jpgZoom! With the short work week here in the US, we can't believe it's already Friday! Even though many of us enjoyed short vacations, the blog world was hard at work providing useful insights as always. Here are our favorite gems. Enjoy the weekend!

The Savvy Sister

The 7 Rules Of Viral Videos You Probably Shouldn't Share With Your Boss by @drewneisser via @fastcompany

Learn the secrets of successfully using humor in B2B marketing from a jester who is a hit on the circuit: Tim Washer, Senior Manager of Social Media for Cisco's Service Provider division.  

Why Content Marketing & Influencer Marketing Go Hand in Hand by @amandamaks of @OpenViewVenture

Amanda Maksymiw shares a critical lesson learned when it comes to marketing strategies that succeed.

Content Development for B2B Companies by @spinsucks

Gini Dietrich answers a question from her Facebook community: what types of content work best for B2B content marketing. Her video response gives a nice overview and examples, but be sure to check out the comments section for lots more good stuff.

The Internet is Toxic, Email is Evil, and Other Things I Learned On Sabbatical by @caroljsroth

This isn't technically B2B-related, but it is related to being a human in business. 

Developing Your Online Content Like Public Speaking by @juntajoe

I loved this post because it's simple, good, common sense that can make a BIG difference in the quality of your content.

Make Your B2B Wordpress Website and Content Mobile Friendly by @diannahuff

Quick and easy tip for making sure your Wordpress blog and other content render beautifully on mobile devices. 

8 B2B Content Marketing Blunders and How to Avoid Them by @B2BLaunchPad

Nice list of some key concepts that you'll pay dearly for if you screw them up.

5 Ways That Content Marketing Has Changed The Art Of Selling Forever by @ducttape

John Jatsch crystallizes how the function of an effective salesperson in today’s content-driven environment has changed dramatically.




Comments: 30
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