Savvy Week in Review: June 24

Savvy Week in Review: June 24
Savvy Sisters - Fri Jun 24, 2011 @ 06:30AM
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Now that summer is officially here, it's time to get your weekly beach reading lined up. Here's an inspiring list to kick things off. Savvy Week in ReviewEnjoy!

The Savvy Sister


Blogging Like a Big Baby by @markwschaefer

Sometimes it's best not to know everything.

The Value of Content Part 2, Nobody's Perfect from @BrainTraffic

Interesting look at how to measure the ROI on content with a step-by-step approach that'll make getting started a cinch.

10 Big Brand Lessons from the Corporate Social Media Summit by @rohitbhargava

Though most of these are consumer brands, there are some interesting concepts being applied that may also translate for B2B.

8 Things Your CEO Can Write About on His/Her Blog by @HJSewell

Is the big guy (or gal) stuck for something to write about? This list of 8 idea starters is just the thing to get those creative juices flowing.

Measuring Facebook Fan Engagement Beyond the Like by @jaybaer

The "Like" is just the beginning. What will you do from there? 

5 Ways for Your B2B Video to Compete with Hollywood - via @smb2b

If you are embarking on B2B video, did you know that you're in the entertainment business? Here are some tips from Steve Stockman.

Content Marketing in a Blink: The Content Grid v2 [Infographic] - by @jchernov via @eloqua

The team at Eloqua and JESS3 impress again with the updated Content Grid infographic.


Comments: 3


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