Savvy Week in Review - June 17

Savvy Week in Review - June 17
Savvy Sisters - Fri Jun 17, 2011 @ 07:00AM
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School may be out for summer for the kids, but there is no lack of idea sharing from the B2B marketing community!  Here are some of our favorite posts from the week.

And if you're a Dad in the US, enjoy your Father's Day weekend! Savvy Week in Review

The Savvy Sister

The Problem with Content Marketing [infographic] by @juntajoe

Dig into this meaty infographic that covers everything from B2B content marketing budgets to lack of alignment with the buyer's journey.

The five stages of content-marketing grief by @tomcopy

A witty look at the process your company or clients may be going through.

5 Step Model for a Killer B2B Content Marketing Strategy by @leeodden

An easy-to-follow process for creating content that connects.

Five Reasons the Intern Shouldn't Run Social Media  by @hanelly via @spinsucks

Please, please, PLEASE read this and take note. Don't make this mistake. 

The Best Blog Posting Schedule Ever: Finally Proof and Real Numbers! by @TheSalesLion

Marcus lays it on the line, as usual, in this no nonsense post about the rules of frequency in blogging. 

75 Tips for Using Video in Business  by @caroljsroth

Great crowd sourced list of tips on how to make video work for you. 

Marketo Email Campaign Keeps it Short and Sweet by @hjsewell

Short and sweet analysis of a successful email campaign including a breakdown of the elements in the email. Sometimes, less is more.

The Panda Update: Unique Content Rules, People by @diannahuff

With Google's latest changes, the rules of content need an update as well. Here's a quick recap with links to additional references. 

How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest by @shellykramer

It's one of the most fun things to do on Facebook, but do you know how to do it well? This post outlines the basics, includes some tactical tips, and provides links to tool

B2B Content Marketing Infographic: Buyers Show a Growing Appetite by @basebot

Good news if you're a content marketer - looks like your audience may be ordering up bigger servings.



Comments: 7


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